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    Faces by Betzialist (

    I really like your last faces, especially Mellberg ;)
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    Faces by Atze @

    Soon @ FifaDome
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    FootBall Xpress Editions 07

    Please show us your face textures:) Funny idea!
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    Optimi's Face's

    You should work on the whole hair texture, not only ahead ;) And less sharpen is also better ;)
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    -TK- Faces

    Nice Ramos, nice to see that you can't let it to make faces :P I especially like you way of working on hair, your work on alpha is great:)
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    Arnau 07 Faces

    Great Manuel Fernandes, nice hair and impression :)
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    pincharrata faces

    Great Lindenbergh:bob:
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    Faces by Atze @

    1./2. Bundesliga Facepack OUT NOW @ FifaDome
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    <*Asaf 2oo7 [email protected]*>

    Nice benzema face, but try to work with hairshape;)
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    Faces by Atze @

    1./2. Bundesliga Facepack Soon at FifaDome
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    Faces by Atze @

    Jurica Vranjes:
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    fcgb17 faces

    You should spend more time on mapping;) But quite nice, I recognize him;)
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    Faces by Atze @

    The pack will include more Bundesliga Faces, I hope we can release it at the next weekend. At the moment I'm busy:$
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    *~Eden Faces Thread~*

    Much better^^
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    Arnau 07 Faces

    Good job, but please show us ingame of C. Ronaldo, then I can rate it better;)
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    Faces by Atze @

    Thx for comments! Leon Andreasen: Comments please:)
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    pincharrata faces

    Zamora's head is to wide, but nice face;)
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    Chicos`s Faces

    Nice face, but I don't like Saha's headform;)