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    How-to Change Font/Numbers ?

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    National Kits From EA FUT WC ?

    Where Can I Found World Cup Kits ? I Want Export Kits, Kitnumbers, In-Game Kit Preview. Specially England GK I Like It
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    X Button for GK In Pro Clubs

    What function of This Button ? Example - A for Saves/Throw/Pass , B for Dive at Feet, Y for Charge/Drop Ball and What for X ? X-BOX Controller PS. Can Someone Example With Video ?
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    Now We Can Import Faces Without Problem ?

    Import With CM 14 or Files Loader. I Can Use FIFA 13 Faces ? (Without Mouth Animation) or I Must Find Any Faces for Full Support FIFA 14 ?
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    I Need Help To Import Faces

    This Face is Giroud for FIFA 13. What Wrong About His Mouth, I Need to Convert ?
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    Post Your Custom Tactics Here

    Please Share Your Custom Tactics With Your Teams
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    Possible To Get This GK Camera ?

    Camera In Skill Games (Last Session) I Need to Get This Camera In My Online Pro Clubs. It's Possible ?
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    Acrobatic And Traditional Goalkeeper

    I Think Acrobatic is Better Traditional Because Good Diving & Reflexes But Why Traditional Overall Point is Better Acrobatic ? You Can Try to Create Your Vitual Pro as Goalkeeper for See Different Overall Point Between Traditional & Acrobatic I Play Acrobatic Style In My Pro Clubs Team But I...
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    Font In Game ?

    I Like It, This Font is Amazing But I Dont Know Where to Download ? PS. Someone have FUT Card PSD Template ? (Bronze/Silver/Gold Normal or Rare)
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    [PC] X-Box Sprint Button

    My Friend Suggest Me Use RT for Sprint Because Its Better Then RB And LT Button for First Touch In FIFA 14. Its like When We Play Driving or Racing Game With X-Box Pad When You Need Accelerator You Csn Press LT or RT Button, When You Need Super Speed You Can Hold It, But When You Need Slow...
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    FIFA 13 Files Can Use In FIFA 14 ?

    Faces, Kits, Boots, Balls And Other Files .. I Keep A Lot FIFA 13 Editing Files, If Cant Use In FIFA 14, I Need Delete It Thank You for Answer
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    How-to RGB Color Codes On Kits Name & Numbers ?

    In Creation Master 13, I Want to Put RGB Color Codes On Kits Name & Numbers Color [Example # F0E152]
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    How To Settings Option For i68Regenerator ?

    In Blue Square. I Must Open All Green ? I Dont Know Any Details
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    Where Can I Find Arsenal 2012-13 Full Kits Set ?

    Like This Set But I Want Home With Red Socks & Fix GK Socks Nice Set But I Cant Contact a L E x _ 1 O
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    I Need True Aspect Ratio For Background Picture

    I Use 1920x1080 Resolution I Think 2048x1024 is Wrong. You Can See The Pics Perfect Aspect Radio
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    Please Help Me W/ Creation Master 13

    I Get This Error Message On Every Players. Why ?