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    DirtyFrank - Stadiums

    Over the past week I have had a try at editing a few stadiums. This is also my first real try at editing anything in PES, so tell me what you think. :shades: Below are screens of the following stadiums: Phillips Stadium (PSV), Stade Gerland (Lyon), City Of Manchester Stadium (Man City), and...
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    Installation Problems

    I have a problem, when I try to install this game it gets past the windows installer part and then says : 1608 - Unable to create InstallDriver instance, Return Code -2147221021 Anybody know why this happens. Please help?
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    No Sound?

    I recently reinstalled my whole computer because it broke and everything seemed fine until I realised that no sounds can play, it says there is no sound card but I am sure there is. Any help, please?
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    DVD Drive Problem

    My PC DVD Drive will refuse to open, I press the eject button but it just stays closed. I then looked in My Computer and the dvd drive wasnt installed. I dont want to try and reboot the computer though as I will lose a lot of data Please help anyone ?
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    Regenerate Help

    I am a bit confused over the regenerate option in AFS EXplorer, i know you need it to import larger files and you have to create the filesize.afs but whenever i do this the game dosnt load. I imported the data_afs and the size_afs into the cue sheet but the game wont load. Any help? P.s - I...
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    Alright, Ive been looking for this everywhere but I cant seem to find it. I need it to edit music. Anyone know where I can download it?
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    WEditor Question

    Is it possible to import an option file(as in rosters) into weditor, I see an import database but that dosnt accept option fiels. Any Help please?
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    Replacement for Estadio Nacional (st011w)

    Hi, Is there any edited stadiums to replace the Estadio Nacional for PES3, I had a look to find some but had no luck. Thanks in advance
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    Stadiums for National TEams?

    Is there any way to select what stadium a national team has in pes3? For example, I wuld like to have Wales playing in Millenium Stadium (patched game)
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    Fails to load before match

    I am gettin so annoyed with this. I did a few changes in pes3 4 ps2 and everything looked fine when i went on the game. However, when i went to play a match and the loading screen came up the game stopped.:( Please someone help?
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    WE/PES Boots

    Is it possible to copy one boot from winnin eleven and paste it onto a pes3 bmp. I ask because i tried it and the game crashed right before a match
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    Pitch Texture?

    Anybody know how to edit the pitch texture in pes3? Cheers
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    Editing Stadiums

    How do I edit stadiums in PES3. I know how to import things such as adboards and nets, but how do I edit the screenboard etc. I want to change the elland road stadium off a patch and make it the stade gerland of lyon. The problem is that there are signs saying Barclaycard Premiership...
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    FIFA 2004 Patches

    HI, I am new to the forums and I have seen alot of patches available for the pc version of fifa 2004 but none for ps2. Are there any patches for the ps2 version. Cheers