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    Help reviving squad!

    Hey guys! My current real madrid game has been going very well, but now my team seems to be stalled... Im currently 6 points after Barcelona with 9 games remaining. And it's starting to piss me off. I would like to have a fresh look on my team, and maybe some points on how i can revive...
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    Problem with Logtech Cordless Rumplepad 2

    Hey guys! Any of you have experience using this gamepad since i've just bought it... The problem is that i cant get it calibrated... It does not respond... even in the logitech calibration program in windows... I have the latest drivers, so that shouldt be the problem ... Casper
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    Damn!! Insane strikers!

    What is it with a striker like Derlei... He hasnt got wild stats or anything, still with two players marking him(Helguera, Samuel) he seals a hattrick( :o ) and have might costed me the place in the CL quarterfinals.... I just dont get it, maybe a psyco like henry or something but Derlei....hell...
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    Problem with player's physical condition

    I know the condition subject has been up here before, but this i think is different... Im playing Madrid, in my second season... Walter Samuel has this problem, and under his profile he states that he isnt in optimal physical condition... I'm half trough the season and it dont go away...
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    Maxim Tsigalko

    Is it possible to get a work permit granted for Maxim?? I have never got wp for him... and i need him:(
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    realmadridcf 2gk kitthread II

    Hey guys! Im back... i start off with the new Manchester United Home kit... Im still working on it.... but for now... a front view! Comments appreciated!
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    fifaworld is looking for news posters

    Hey Guys! Im looking for news poster from the different countries so that we can get a wide covering of soccer news in the world! If anyone is interested please PM me. Casper
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    the new fifaworld!!!

    Hey guys! The new has been launched,,, This time its a dynamic php page with features like user creation etc. The downloads arent up yet but i expect them to be up soon!!!_ Note by mistake some of the site is in danish.....nothing special! But be sure to go there...
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    Danske FIFA fans!! Kig Her!!!!!

    Jeg er gået igang med at lave alle dragter i "suppen" til en patch! her er nogle previews! casper
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    Realmadridcf 2GK Kit Thread

    Hey Guys! Here is my 2GK kit thread! To start with, as always Real Madrid Home front best jpg quality! Casper
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    FIFAWORLD kit thread

    Hey guys! Fifaworld is back...and i have started to make kits again! Here is the first...real madrid home! Casper
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    Danish CM players!

    Well we 2 guys who are making the best danish manager site.....with integrated mail a special system where you can go public with some online games that we will establish ..... unfurtunately for all that arent danish the site is danish...... danskere check...
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    my first ever face ( roberto carlos)

    this is my first face ever!!! real madrids super star roberto carlos! mind thats its first beta version! please tell me what to improve how to and because im new in this face making thing!
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    Flag Makers - We Need Help!

    HEllo we realy need help! we need help to full flag sets for the following countries to the NTU patch! Holland Wales Columbia Japan HUngary Bulgaria jamaica ukraine Yougolsavia Romania Chile Canade Vietnam Malta! Please help us......we want to release NTU very soon! PS...
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    major update at fifaworld!

    hello everybody! FIFAWORLD has been updated with 7 new kits and a pair of new boots! Go to fifaworld and check out the new stuff! casper
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    the best soccer game ever!

    in my opinion sensible soccer is the best soccer game ever what is yours? i also liked fifa internation soccer 94 was also good....running away from the referee before a booking ;) casper
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    Casper's Kitthread

    Hey my own kitsthread check this denmark home kit*:
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    danskere kig her! DSL - danske superliga kit update

    vi er to som er rigtig godt igang med at lave helt nye kits til superligaen. check denne:
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    Are you having experience making flags? . Plz post here!

    Hey!' We need to have some flags done for the NTU! So if you want to help plz contact me on [email protected]! casper
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    FifaWorld seeks more members!

    Hey all that edit fifa! We at fifaworld want to expand our downloads section much! Therefore we seek new members to help us expanding! If you want to join: write on this mail: [email protected] And plz show me some previews of your work! Casper