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    Circo Massimo Party

    Did anyone watch Rai Internationals coverage of the arrival of the Azzurri team at the Circus Maximus on Monday?I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the vid when the players start chanting songs and stuff.Notably the song to Pessotto and Qui non salta e un Francese from Gattusso lmao.PLease...
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    Looking for a vid...

    Im looking for a home made video that shows a group of ppl at an amateur footy game with flares and 3 flags.Then they lite so much that they end up burning the stand down.I think the team is from Slovenia.IM sure it was posted here b4 but i cnt find it so can someone post it plz?
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    Went to a party last nite and wanna tell ppl how amazing it was or how plastered you got?Well here's the place to do it! -You can post pics of yourself aswell! :p
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    Missing Players

    What has happened to some players for the past season like Sonny ANderson?I remember him scoring a handful of goals last year for Villareal!where is he now?Did he retire?And Solskjaer, whatever happened to him?I know he got injured but how and when the hell is he coming back!
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    Creative Zen Micro vs. Ipod mini

    Well guys i have an important choice to make, which will affect my life foreva! :) Should i get the Creative zen micro or the Ipod? Im now more leaning towards the Zen because it can apparently hold 2500 songs( compared to 1000 fo da ipod), has a voice recorder but is the same exact price of an...
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    Saw 2 [SPOILERS Page 4]

    Jigsaw is back at it again!!!! Heres a small summary of the story line according to = While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it is the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who...
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    Hi ive been training for a month now and i have this weird thing going on!My left bicep is bigger than my right one!Like when i flex they are two different sizes!Is that normal?I do the same amount of weights on each arm for the same amount of time, at the same time but it seems like my left...
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    Spanish Homework!!!

    I need to know aother ways of saying the following words in Spanish: distinta anteriores trasladarme un par de juntos te quiero charlar afortunada THANKS A LOT YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
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    sig please

    Can someone make a sig for me with this pic in it:
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    IM having trouble getting the gamebreaker. I mean like the meter is blinking amd everything, but when i press the R1 and O button, it doesnt put the play into slowmotion or anything, it just remians normal and the goalie saves the ball most of the time.
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    Which brand of cologne do you wear? I have like a ****load, including like different types of Axe bottles:rockman: , Swiss Army in the silver bottle, and 2 Diesel ones. But my fave Diesel one is Plus Plus, I have a the red one too but smells like a
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    Ultras FOUND!!!

    Hi i am currently playing with PSG in my career mode, and the supporters usually have banners and flags with the teams logo and its colors, but just today i found a Boulogne Boys banner!!!!The Boulogne Boys are PSG ultras. I was really excited cuz maybe there are more during the course of the...
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    Need Avatar!

    As you can see, my avatar is very old and crappy so i would like to get one made by some one in these forums. I would like the avy to contain the livestrong bracelet and the standup speak up one. If this is not possible, can someone make me a milan/CL avy please. Thanks in advance!:)
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    Ultra Groups?

    I am currently trying to find out about the most ultra groups as possible. I currently have: Fossa dei Leoni-Milan Brigate Rossonere-Milan Panthers....-Milan Commandos Tigres-Milan:p Irriducibili-Lazio Ahmed's Army- Stroudsburg High School Ultras Sur-Real Madrid Stampede-Rochester...
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    White Chicks???

    To all of you's who have seen the movie White Chicks, can someone tell me what the song when the black body builder guy is dancing in the club, is called cuz ive hurd it b4 but i dont know what its called. Your help will be greatly aprreciated.:)
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    OK i just got the game for Christmas, but i would like to know: 1) When do I start getting stars cuz im 10-0-1 with Aberdeen(1st season) but i have 0 stars:( 2) What do you get from buying stuff in the Fifa store. I bought the oval stadium at night thing and other stuff but i dont really...
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    World JR. Hockey Tourney

    Is anybody following it???Well i am cuz im canadian but i was just curious to find out of other people around the world knew about it. Canada should win gold this year. I mean im watching a game right now (USA vs. Belarus) and the US are losing so there out of the question.They were lucky last...
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    There are a lot of patches out there, but yet most of them dont work:( Are these patches only for PC? If there for gaming consoles like ps2, how do you install them????
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    Is there like a Champions League tournament you can make, or do you have to create your own tournament, then decide the name, then add the teams in or what? Btw, my freind told me that theres like every league in the game. Is this true, cuz i know in Fifa 2004 theres for example: Epl...
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    Futsal Shoes?????

    Are futsal shoes different from the indoor soccer shoes you see in the stores? Cause i mean, they really dont look like the one's you see in stores. Are futsal shoes of higher quality material and can you buy some? Answers will be greatly appreciated:)