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    No crowd on PES 2008

    Hi I am running the new Pro Evo on a relatively decent system. 2.66GHz P4, 512mb RAM, Radeon 9200 128mb. There are limits to my ability to change the settings though. My graphics card restricts me to only using the Low graphics setting, regardless of the screen resolution. I am...
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    The rather retro PES4

    Hey guys (& gals) Just curious to know if anyone is still playing PES4 and has perhaps made a roster update? I would buy PES5 but there is no point now since PES6 is out in October!! Cheers for any help.
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    Lincoln City FC

    Nice to see your still being ultra-sarcastic jim
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    Lincoln City FC

    Thanks again to anyone who has a go
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    Lincoln City FC

    GK Away. Shorts and Socks are the same style and colour again
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    Lincoln City FC

    GK Home. The shorts and socks are the same colour as the shirt
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    Lincoln City FC

    Away kit
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    Lincoln City FC

    Hi All I was just curious if any kit maker would be so generous to make these kits in any spare time as I have made the Imps on PES4 but there are no good stripe kits. Cheers in advance to anyone. It will be very much appreciated.
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    Juve 3rd kit

    Cheers m8y
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    >>Great picture<< make menu screen please...

    Wolves is a bit :crazyboy:
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    Juve 3rd kit

    Anyone know if this has been made for use in kitserver. ta in advance Jons p.s. Does anyone when kEL's site will be back online
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    KitServer for PES4 PC/WE8I PC

    That would life a lot easier. And by the way, excellent job on the kitserver. Its easily the most eagerly anticipated tool since Pro came out!
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    where to find all epl kits??

    Best advice I can give you it!
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    Juce's Kit Server

    Great news mate. Good luck
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    Request for the Wolf...

    Ever heard of a little thing called PRIVATE MESSAGING or EMAIL!!!
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    Juce's Kit Server

    Hi all Does anyone know if the main man Juce is working on a new Kit Server for alternative kits like different shorts or 3rd kits etc. Cheers Jons
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    Problem kitserver

    Change transparency in WE Pic Decoder and make sure filenames are tex**.bmp
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    Merry Christmas Any PES Fan & Christmas Time!!

    Christmas Time!! Merry Xmas to every1 at Soccer Gaming and especially all you PES/WE players. Happy Gaming
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    Afs explorer

    Well sorry for breathing! LOL!! thats what I thought. You got a better idea p.s. Merry Xmas to every1 at Soccer Gaming and especially all you PES/WE players. Happy Gaming
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    Afs explorer

    Same problem here. I think that, unlike in PES3, the 0_text.afs file must stay the same size so if you increase a file size when rebuilding it, you may have to decrease the file size of something else: i.e. a kit of a team that you don't use Jons