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    Saved files Windows 7 to XP/VICE VERSA

    Hey guys i play football manager on two computers, my home desktop and my laptop. both are windows 7 and when im using my laptop away from home i save my fm saved game on my usb stick and when i want play it on any other computer i can load up the saved game and carry on. however my one...
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    FM 2011 masking question

    Hey guys I have a question which has always bugged me but finally annoyed me last night as to why it happens. Why are some players/staff in the actual database e.g editior but when you come to start a game they arnt in the game even with 'attribute masking ticked off' for example i...
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    Is anyone interested in buying a second hand homebuilt computer?

    Hey people. I am trying to sell a homebuilt computer (not built by me). I have it listed on ebay (link below). Thought i would try and get more interest through here. I am pretty desperate to get rid of it, so any interest from friends, family let me know Cheers...
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    Check out my ebay items!

    Hey guys and girls!. Dont know if im allowed to do this but i shall see! please check out my ebay items for sale below. am desperate to get rid!
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    Changing manager name??

    Hi Is there anyway of changing your manager name and details in FM2011?
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    Exception Processing Message Error!! Please help

    Please could someone provide me with assistance with a problem. Heres the story: I bought a Laptop with Windows 7 and I started playing Football Manager 2011. I then purchased a desktop PC with Windows XP. A few weeks ago i installed the game on my PC and transfered the saved game files from my...
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    Playstation 2 Problem!

    Hey!. I need sum feedback please. I recently purchased a pre owned original Playstation 2 from Gamestation. It was part of a package coming with 2 games. I purchased WRC: Rally Evolved and Gran Turismo 4. I have encountered a problem though. WRC: Rally Evolved works fine, but Gran Turismo 4...
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    Uninstall Problem

    Hi guys Wondered if you can help me out. Can someone tell me why i cannot uninstall Fifa 07 from my computer? It doesnt respond at all, ive tried unistalling it from start menu and from folder where its installed and even in control panel under add/remove programs it doesnt even appear to be...
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    Any help on Newspaper articles?

    Hey!. This may seem like a bit of a strange request but does anyone know where i can find pictures of newspaper article's of storys from years ago. For example things such as Eric Cantona retiring, Man Utd winning treble etc. I wud appreciate the help thanks
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    RAM BIOS Problem!, Need Help!

    Hi I recently upgraded my work computer a Advent T9003 computer, with 2GB DDR RAM from 512MB DDR RAM. Although when i installed it, the computer didnt boot up and there was long beeps every 2 seconds. I was told this was a BIOS problem and it needed updating. However i cannot find the BIOS or...
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    Wright-Phillips to be transfer listed

    Chelsea have sparked a summer scramble for winger Shaun Wright-Phillips by admitting he can leave Stamford Bridge for £10million. The 25-year-old cost the Blues £21million when he was signed from Manchester City in July 2005. But he has failed to cement a regular first-team place under...
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    Wenger quits Gunners!

    But just for a day and it's all for charity Arsene Wenger is set to take charge at Portsmouth this weekend - by fielding a team at Fratton Park to boost Kanu's efforts to raise money for charity. The Arsenal manager has agreed to manage an All-star team in their charity match against...
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    Graham Poll To Quit

    Graham Poll has blown the whistle on his career as the Premiership's top referee by announcing he will retire after taking charge of Sunday's game between Portsmouth and Arsenal. The controversial Tring official could stay in the game for another six years but has decided to call it a day...
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    Wright/Schmeichel Video Request

    Hey i know this is abit random but has anyone got any video's of the Ian Wright & Peter Schmiechel 'Feud' from 1997?
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    Mourinho Hid In Laundry Basket

    The Cheating Bastard!! LONDON, April 24 (Reuters) - Two newspapers related on Tuesday how Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho once allegedly hid in a laundry basket used for transporting the club's kit to get round a UEFA ban covering a big game. The Daily Mail said it happened two years...
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    Another Computer Question

    Does anyone know how to identify information on the Sound Card, Graphics Card, Motherboard etc. By just looking at it. Information such as Model, Seriel Number, Firmware Version & Port Connection Details Your knowledge will be greatful
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    Isn't She Lovely Lol

    Beth Ditto,,2007100571,00.html Ditto was nominated for Sexiest Woman Of The Year in the NME Awards 2007. Errrm.....Really!? :X She has never eaten squirrels as is commonly misreported. However, her cousin and father did Says she doesn't wear...
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    A few questions

    What does 'Pass Bias' mean in the tactics menu? Is it possible to tell players where to run? e.g like in Football Manager Is there commentry in 3D match mode? If yes how do you enable it? Are the keyboard settings in the 3D Match options menu the 'Manager Shouts'? only in the manual...
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    Patch For Real Names

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a patch in existance that puts real names of managers, assistants, chairman etc into each club?
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    Motherboard Question

    Hi. I need some knowledge. I have just started a computer college course and i need to know How can you tell the difference between an AT Motherboard and an ATX Motherboard? By just looking at them.