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    Andy359's Stadiums

    Hi, Here are some Screens of my newest stadium, the so called "Energieteam Arena" of the SC Paderborn (2 League in Germany): The stadium will be released in the next days.
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    Problems with Oedit

    Hi, I have a little problem with Oedit. When I try the start it i get the following Error: Runt-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set. And then I get a second Error: Error 13 (Type mismatch) in frmMain:Form_Load I've already used the search, but I didn't find a...
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    Logos, Adboards & Flags

    Hi! I have a question about the textures in Fifa 08. Do they have the same size like in Fifa07? Thanks!
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    DB editing

    Hi, I began to edit a roster with UniDB and Excel. But now I have two questions: 1. Which position has which number? 2. Which nationality has which number? I hopy you can help me. Thanks!
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    To people who know a lot of impbig and bat files

    Hello! I want to write a bat-file which automatically installs sound-packs. But now a need a little help for impbig and the bat-file. How can I extract all files of a big-archive with impbig? Is that possible? I only know how it works with one file. I hope you can help me.
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    Celebration Cinematics

    Hello! I saw in the motion.big, that there are a lot of special celebration cinematics for some players. But they are not activated in the fifa.db (table players /celebration). To activate them you need the IDs of the cinematics. But from where can I get this ID's?
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    Problem with UniDB

    Hello! I have a big problem with UniDB. When I want to export the fifa.db, it says "Run Time Error '63': Bad record number". What does this mean? When I export the meta.db or the eng.db it works. How can I solve this problem?
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    Problems with imported Logos

    Hi! I have a big problem with me imported Logos. When I play with 2 Teams (which have a new imported Logo), every Team has the same Logo. e.g.: Salzburg(new Logo) - Sturm(new Logo): both teams have the Salzburg logo Salzburg(new Logo) - Rapid Vienna(old Logo): every team has his correctly...
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    Problems with importing chants

    Hi! I've imported some chants. They work, but when I end the game, the Computer crashes. When I click on End and then on Yes , the Computer freezes. What am I making wrong?
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    Flag Templates (256x128)

    Hi! I need some flag-shades in size 256x128 (2GF). Where can I get the shades? Thanks!
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    Adboard Template

    Hi! I'm looking for a adboard-shade, who looks like this adboard: Pic 1 Pic 2 I don't know how it's called in english, roll-adboard? I hope somebody could help me :) Thanks alot!
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    Hi, Does anybody know, in which file the training-kits are? And does every Team have their own training-kits, or are there only a few in the game?
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    Demo jumps back to Windows

    Hi! I've a problem with demo. When the game begins, the Pc jumps back to the Desktop. I have no Raptors or other things installed. What can I do?? My PC: 1333Mhz 512 Mb Ram GeForce MX440 (Nvidia 45.23) Win XP
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    Austrian Stadium Patch

    AFA_Rapidfan from the AFA-Team is making an Staduim-Patch for the Austrian-League. There will be all ten League-Stadiums + the Happel-Stadium (National-Staduim). Here are Screens from the Stadiums, which he has converted yet. Hanappi-Stadium (SK Rapid Wien)...