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    Is the asia version out?

    I saw it just now at my local store in Singapore..didn't expect it to be out earlier than the european version..anyone living in asia and have the game?? Post some comments..;)
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    Happy Lunar New Year..

    This thread is basically for all chinese or those celebrating lunar new's nearing and i thought we should have a thread to chat on what we are gonna do on that day..i'm going to visit my relatives and collect lots of red packets..:p
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    Is he any good? i've signed him for my Everton..he is quite young but i have heard his name somewhere before..
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    To all Singaporeans in the board...

    Hey fellow Singaporeans...i guess u have seen the Tiger Cup Semi-Final match between Singapore and u can see Myanmar is a team with no sportsmanship..what inspire me to say this is that the Myanmar bench actually threw a water bottle at a high speed at one of our player..what kind of...
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    FM 2005 Facepacks Request

    Hi your requests here and i will try to make the facepack you want..;) Please post in this order.. Team: Website: Thanks..
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    Ever wonder where he goes to??..

    Alpay has been in low profile since he leave Aston Villa and i just found out that he's at a J-League club, Urawa Red Diamonds..Interesting to see that he is willing to go to play his football in Asia..
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    In need of money? Read this..

    Extracted from Ok, the following cheat is not recommendable for hardcore players or realists. We would also like to emphasise that we don't approve of cheating in Championship Manager or misleading the game in any other way...
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    Advices needed---Union Berlin

    Just started a game with Union Berlin of Germany..they are in the Regional North funds for me as they only have a pathetic balance of £1..will post some screens soon..
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    Requesting a logo...

    Hi, i need a logo for my class urgently...can cyprom or other help me make a logo for my class...SEC 5A using the star in the picture i provided? thanks...i would be grateful for your help...thanks again...
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    xiaoarc's sig feeback thread..

    Hmm, i know there are lots of excellent graphics artist out there and i hope that they will give me some feedbacks on the sig(s) that i created so here goes... Please give me positive and negative feedbacks...thanks..=D
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    WE7:I Stadium names..

    Can someone please post the correct stadium names for all the needed badly..
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    Calcio Update for CM 03/04

    Here's the best(i suppose) update for CM 03/04 The Calcio Update v2 • All transfers from around the world not just in Europe, up to day of release • All manager transfers up to day of release • Pre transfers done for June/July e.g. Bordon...
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    Wild Imagination

    This is the work that i like most...It's the best work from me atm...Hmm, feedbacks are welcome..thanks...
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    My sig..

    Hmm, this's my new first attempt on photoshop...feedbacks are welcome...
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    Any 3d model expert here?

    Hiz, i am using Zmodeler to model a bmw, i have done the side of it but i am having troubles. 1.)I am having trouble placing the axis in the right place to continue my editing. 2.)How do i make the interior of the car? Headlights, etc... If there is any expert out here, please help me...
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    Injuries patch in EP3

    There has been one really outstanding item with the last enhancement pack we released last week. That was the issue with some teams getting a few too many injuries. We did know about this issue, but had not tracked it down and fixed it in time for release. We have now sorted this issue, and...
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    Reality in CM4: Is it truth?

    Well, reality does make it into CM4. See this and you will know what i mean. Conflicts within the team.
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    Anyone encountered this?

    This is it...i hope the pic explain what i am trying to say...
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    xiaoarc kit thread 2003(request avaliable)

    Well, this is my NEW kit thread for 2003...i will post kits i have done up here. If you have any requests please say it out loud. Thanks... Valencia Kit(kinda like a fantasy kit)...
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    How To:Menukits

    Hmm..i open this thread to ask all menukits maker how do ya get the pics of the menukits? Mod, if possible, make it sticky...