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    Newcastle 2012/2013

    Hey, im no kitmaker but im a huge newcastle fan and used someone elses away shirt to make the rumoured green third strip and also had a go at the Home shirt so have a go with these until it gets officially released and someone makes a better version.
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    Brazil Ronaldo Hair Removal?

    Hi there. I was just wondering if someone could help me. On last year's fifa i used CM to remove ronaldo's hair model so that he just had the short shaved look and not the afro. But this year it only removes it when close up but when zoomed out he still has an afro. Does anyone have...
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    Newcastle United Stuff by A1exFaz

    Tried to open a new account with a new email but the site doesnt seem to be sending activation links so i used my old account. Hi im not a kitmaker by any means but i wanted Newcastle's new kit and no one had made it, well not when i made this awhile back anyway so decided to put it up here...
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    Alex's Boot Edits

    Ok I havent made any boot edits in along time but ive finished college and have lots of time on my hand agen so thought i would id try again at a few colour edits. Ive made the England +F-50.6 tunit using lee's crotia tunit as a base. let me no wat u think :) My old edits can be found...
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    Alex's Boots thread

    Hi ,some peeps may have seen me on evo-web, ive done a few edits of capelas's boots using them as templates. so here is a few of my boots so far that have either been requested or are new unreleased boots. ]
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    Magpies make 16mil Bid for Wright-Phillips

    Sky Sports News understands that Newcastle United are set to launch a bid for Manchester City winger Shaun Wright-Phillips. According to sources to the North East club, The Magpies are thought to be preparing a deal worth £16 million to bring the England international to St James' Park...
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    Ronaldo Chrome/Photo Blue Mercurial Vapor

    Here is my version of the chrome/photo blue new Ronaldo boots based on PIKAFLASH editable, ive posted them on evo-web also.These are my first ever edits so constructive comments wud be great (Y) I know i need 2 add R9 tongue and will do soon but here is first start Ingame screens
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    USB drivers

    I believe i accidently deleted my USB drivers in safe mode while clearing viruses is there any way i can download them from anywhere or is there any technigue to reinstalling cus now every time I input a usb lead nothing happens.And i really dont wana reinstall windows cus i wi ll lose alot of...
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    USB port problem

    I need some help. I use A ps2 controller adapter "SmartJoy" for pes4 on my Pc. BUt yesterday it jus suddenly stopped workin an i was pissed . but then i tried loadz of other usb cables that do work on other Pcs and they didnt work either . I was cleaning up my system gettin rid of a virus and i...
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    Craig Bellamy Situation

    .Craig Bellamy claims Newcastle United manager Graeme Souness is trying to turn the Toon faithful against him but insists he will not demand to leave St James' Park. The Wales international's future on Tyneside appears bleak after another bust-up with Souness over the weekend. Souness...
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    Anyone made Henry's boot?

    Does anyone have a good non-editable version of the henry navy/silver nike vapor
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    Editables in bootpacks

    I don't know if this has already been asked but is there any possible way to get a 3rd editable slot in Pes4. Ive essed around with the slots loadz and car't find away 2 do it so for example having a nike vapor edit in 1 . total 90 in 2 . and then say adidas preds in 3 ?????????????????
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    Does any one have a orange palette for pes3 similar to these wud greatly be appreciated.
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    Real Madrid Numbers?

    Does anyone know where i can get the real madrid numbers
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    how do i make the gs file for this.........

    How can i make the gs file for this gold vapor cus my ee files are fine but i have 2 change the gs boots and i dont know how