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    2016 Summer Olympic Games

    Does anyone care about where it's going to be held? If rumours are to be believed, it's between Rio and Chicago, with Madrid and Tokyo also competing. The final decision is to be announced next Friday (Oct 2nd). As a Brazilian, and considering only the sports fan part of me, I'd love it if...
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    Corinthians, Flamengo to play in Palestine

    Corinthians and Flamengo, Brazil's top supported clubs, have agreed to have a friendly match played in Palestine. The friendly is set to be played by the end of the year, in a place yet to be announced. The match will have Ronaldo playing for Corinthians and Adriano playing for Flamengo...
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    Let's all laugh at Corinthians Corinthians Do The Voodoo? With the chance of attaining a personal worse and dropping to the second division for the first time in almost a hundred years of history, Corinthians may be turning towards spiritual help to turn the tide...
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    Sig request

    Is this forum still alive? well, I'd like to have a sig made, so if anyone can spare a little time to make it happen, I'd be very thankful. I was thinking about a sig containing Dida being stretchered off against Celtic and Rivaldo faking an injured face against Turkey in 2002, maybe you...
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    2000 Crew

    Someone had to open it, so I did. We've got potential with ShiftyPowers, ShearerM4, leungtl and Dragan. If Ewan managed to get around he could be a good addition to the squad too... who else have we got? night, Horatiu, Ruben Sosa? does any of those still post here? I'm missing this...
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    What happened to Brazil in WC 2006

    Ok, no one gives a damn anymore, but still, I think it's worth a thread. Ricardo Teixeira, Brazilian FA eternal president (he's been re-elected again, and is set to be president until the 2014 WC if Brazil is chosen as host - he was first elected in 1989) was reported by Brazilian newspaper O...
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    Why not Sao Paulo?

    I'm gutted... The Spice Girls are reuniting and going on a world tour, coming to Buenos Aires, but they don't have a date set to come to Brazil. Why not Sao Paulo, FFS.... :( 07/12/07 L.A. 08/12/07 Las Vegas 11/12/07 New York 15/12/07 London 20/12/07 Koln 23/12/07 Madrid 10/01/08...
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    Romario celebrates '1,000th goal' We all know Brazilian football is a joke, but the media is mad about Romario's "1000th goal", scored last night against Sport Recife at Vasco da Gama's stadium. Ok, he's a legend, a top class striker, no one can say he wasn't at least...
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    Welcome back Lee!!!

    Welcome back, Lee Please don't leave us again. We missed you.
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    F1 Discussion Thread

    Ok, after two races this year it looks like Ferrari's pre-season advantage seems to be lost, or at least it looks like the McLarens have caught up with them. Lewis Hamilton, what a driver... made Massa look like a fool in Malaysia, bright future for him, no doubt.
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    Take care when tatooing Haha, he's an argie and totally deserves it!
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    Brazil blocks youtube! (english),,AA1412609-6174-363,00.html,,AA1412728-6174-363,00.html (brazilian portuguese) I love this country... The Brazilian court has ordered ISPs...
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    Volleyball World Championship 2006

    Congrats to Russia on their win. Fantastic final match on the women's competition (Men's start tomorrow). Very close match, any side could win it at the end. Still sad to see Brazil losing it like that... from 13-11 in the tie-breaker to 13-15... felt a bit like Athens 2004... Still...
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    Where's he heading to? He missed training yesterday, and hasn't showed up today. Rumours have it that he's in Argentina, packing his bags to move to Europe. His honeymoon with Corinthians has ended a while ago when supporters "sieged" his car when he was going out of a match. Then, with...
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    Brazilian NT coach

    So, after the World Cup disappointment, the Brazilian FA chose former player and 1994 NT captain Dunga as coach. Discuss.
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    Group F: Brazil vs Australia [P+R]

    Ok, I won't put pics, or flags or whatever in this. I'm just starting so maybe I'll jinx the Brazilian NT. Mind you, I'll even predict it'll be 1-0 Brazil. The ref will be Merk from Germany, and the match will be played at the FIFA World Cup stadium in Munich. Brazil's lineup will be the...
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    Brazil vs. New Zealand [R]

    Half time, 1-0 Brazil 42' Ronaldo, after great work by Kaka down the right wing. At 44' Ronaldo missed when one on one with the keeper by shooting at the post. So far, nothing really interesting. Brazil only threaten when attacking down the flanks, especially with Kaka and Cafu down the...
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    Brazil vs. FC Luzern [R]

    The match's just started. I swear I've seen LeeStewart with Ronaldinho when the players were coming in to the pitch and before the national anthems... I'll post the results and Lee's pic if I find it... Lineups: Luzern: David Zibung Ivan Dal Santo Christophe Lambert Genc Mehmeti...
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    So, here's a World Cup 2002 Quiz. I found it here. I don't have the answers to all of them, so let's just try and see if we can complete it. 1) Which player had a goal disallowed for handball in the box, although the replay showed he had trapped it with his chest? 2) Which player had a...
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    Who to support in this year World Cup?

    So, your nation is not going to Germany, or you don't even know what a World Cup is. Here's your ultimate guide for choosing a team: :rockman: