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    Must-See Video: The Ridiculous Defending System In FIFA 15 This video shows how embarrassing the defending system in Fifa 15 is. You can press buttons like a moron 100 times, but those players either don't clear the ball, or always clear it into the opponent's feet, or run over each other. Artificial...
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    How Do You Protect A Lead?

    I've been wanting to open this thread for months, but now I just have to do it. I was also planning on writing so many things but I'll narrow it down: How do you protect a lead? How do you do it? Are there any techniques, do's/don'ts etc? Total defense? Staying neutral? Commit more fouls...
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    Game Stopped Working For No Reason

    I just received my nicest Christmas present. Fifa doesn't work anymore! Yaaaay! It always freezes when this screen appears: I don't know why. Yesterday it was working. Since then I've only added a few faces. Some of them were converts from FIFA 14, but I did that in previous days too...
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    Squads File & Deleting Tournaments

    Where is my squads file and how can I delete tournaments in Fifa 15? In Fifa 14 it used to be under My Documents > Fifa 15. Now I can't find it anymore. Thanks for your help
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    Save Lineup?

    Is it possible to save my own lineup like it used to be possible in previous Fifas?? I can't find it! I know that I can adjust the positions for a single team but then I can't apply the lineup to other teams. For example, in Fifa 14 I created a 4-1-3-2 and a 3-2-3-2, and you could simply...
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    Playing A Tournament With Created Team Not Possible

    Does anyone have an idea why my game always crashes when I want to play a tournament that involves a team/multiple teams I created with CM14??? I select the teams and settings and everything, and then when the tournament screen is supposed to load it crashes. The teams themselves cannot be...
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    Training Arena

    Hi. Is there a training arena in Fifa 14 like there used to be in the older games? If yes, how can access it??? I can't find it anywhere... Thanks
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    Why Does My Game Always Crash When I Choose Lazio

    Hi. Please nvm the thread title (as I solved that problem). The real question is: why does my game always crash when I imported flags with CM14?? The game always crashes right one second after the skill game screen has loaded. Neither kits, nor faces, nor fonts, nor banners nor anything...
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    Database suddenly corrupted

    Hi everyone I suddenly have a problem with my fifa_ng_db file and I don't know why. On Sat I didn't do anything special with the Creation Master 13, I just added some kits and transferred some players; I've been doing that for a year without any problems. On Sun I couldn't open the db...
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    How To Select Kick Takers In Shootout?

    Hi everyone Whenever I play a tournament and it comes to a penalty shootout, I can't select my kick takers!! After the final whistle after 120 min., it jumps directly to the shootout and the CPU selects five random players for me. Wtf is that?! Why can't I select my kick takers, or where do I...
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    How To Import Kits Without Creation Master?

    I see that there's still no CM13 and probably won't be - so how do you do it?? :confused: The CM12 doesn't work for me. Or is there a way to convert .bmp or .png images to rx3 files?? Thanks for any kind of help.
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    Skip Language Selection

    Hi Does anyone know how to skip the language selection? I always want German, without having to select it first. I already copied my rna.ini from FIFA 12, but that didn't work. Thanks for any kind of help.