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    Does Dani Guiza has a Specific Face?

    can someone upload his files?
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    Weird Bug after importing 2GF Faces

    Ive Imported more then 20 faces on 2GF and it looks ok when i played but when i made a Subsitution Ronaldinho Face become white :| its happen to RVN too when i played with real
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    help - How to Import GK,Third Kits to a new team?

    How to Import GK,Third Kits to A new team that i create on fifa.db? when i try in kit raptor is says "this kit is not for this game"
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    How to Import GK,Third Kits to A new team?

    How to Import GK,Third Kits to A new team? when i try in kit raptor is says "this kit is not for this game"
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    E.p Faces 08 Thread

    Hi Guys :) New Game - New Faces Javier Chevanton: any Comments :D
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    ICP07 @ Fifa Evo - Download Now

    We,Fifa-Evo made a Patch that included 4 israeli big teams for the game UCL 07: Maccabi Tel Aviv (who will play VS Santa Coloma) Beitar Jerusalem(played today VS Kopenhagen) Maccabi Haifa Hapoel Tel Aviv More Then 40 Faces on this patch Rosters Updated on date 28/7/2007 Kits for Each...
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    sombody has Summer Transfers update patch?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Nani,Anderson,Harvgreavs on Man.Utd and others transfers if it impossible to ask here pls delete this thread !
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    FatBH Builder for UCL 2007 ?

    ^^^ anyone have it ??
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    about crowd textures

    anyone know in which zdata i can find the crowd textures?
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    Help with O-file - Big Problem |: !!!!

    it isnt just a preview in game the head is also like this |: pls if someone know how to fix it..pls tell me or i will send the o-file and you will send me back :boohoo: :( Pls Help !!
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    Eden Minikits Thread

    My First Minikit - Maccabi Tel Aviv: Real Pic of the kit: Comments pls
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    Can anyone tell me why i have a yellow card :| and why its not disipire after 2\12
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    ^_^ Eden Pes Faces ^_^

    My First Face for pes: Leo Messi Comments pls
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    Problem with inserting faces :|

    i made a face for samuel etoo(my first face for pes) and when i try to import him to the game this is the result :\ does somone can help me?:boohoo:
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    Fifa-Galaxy Back Online

    WWW.FIFA-GALAXY.COM has back online with new team makers and of course the official patch of the site "INP07" Enjoy!
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    if i have a rauter what ports my freind need to open? tnx in advence
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    Problem with faces

    hi all i have a big problem with faces: when im import faces with filemaster07 and some players have the same face :\ for exemple i imported messi and i see the face in messi,belleti,Silvinho :boohoo: anyone knows ho to fix it?!? plzzzzz help meee tnx in advence eden
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    Problem with faces importing

    hi all when i take a fsh of generic face and make from him a new face and then import i dont see the face in the game or i see the face in other player(the id is correct) but the face goes to other player :\ someone know what is the problem here?
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    Problem in the game!!!

    hi all first of all-my english isnt so good.. i hope that you guys will understand :rolleyes: my problem is: i Edit a team in Creation Master..i have some problem in players rating :boohoo: in the menu-when i select on "My Squads" the ratings is fine for exemple: Xavi: 84/84 but, in...
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    Question about O-File

    if i take O file there i have 000 part and 001 part if i want to make that the o file will be without the hair how can i delete the hair and make him bold?