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    Does you (Admin staff) have any plans on adding a ssl certificate/https? Are there any reasons why there is no one? LetsEncrypt for example is free to use.
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    EEP Lite

    EEP Lite is a light version of EEP. It doesn't include any new leagues/teams/kits as EEP normally does. (Graphic by RBS) Changelog of v0.1: - transfers till 6th October (most of deadline days and other missings from the latest ea squad) - new wonderkids like Liam Delap, Luka Romero or...
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    EEP Season 20/21

    Download:\\ Changelog: Main Features which I took from older EEP versions: ● german 4th Regionalliga playable in career mode ● extended german DFB Pokal with Regionalliga Teams ● many new wonderkids like Moukoko...
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    EEP Euro 2020

    Features: added missing Euro 2020 and Playoff teams (teams like Croatia, Belarus, Bosnia or Israel) created new tournament structure -> 2 playoffs stages, 6 groups etc. like in real life! whole menu reworked with EURO theme EURO 2020 scoreboard, trophy, outfit of warmup outfit, dynamic...
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    ModServer by Slim

    Update! V2 Hi friends, you may know the takes sooo much time to search for a face, download it, search the replaced faceid and apply it with RDBM, EEP-Manager, LiveEditor or CheatEngine. Or you want to apply a fantasy kit mod and don't know how to change the kit-back-color...
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    EEP 20

    Hi, happy to release the first version of EEP BETA! No patreon or any donations are needed to get this patch! Features: - squads based on the latest EA squad update and also fast updates if EA release a newer squadfile! ;) - new wonderkids like Ansu Fati, Eduardo Camavinga or Karamoko...
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    Piemonte Calcio Fun-Patch

    To run this patch correctly please use EEP. Currently available languages are: german, english, italy. Others soon. ;) EEP: Download: 19/Piemonte.fbmod You need to apply this...
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    EEP Season Patch 19/20

    European Expansion Patch 19 Currently only working with FIFA 19 Full version. FrostyModManager DONT support any cracked/pirate version so I think it will not work if you use that! This is the first version of my 19/20 patch. I'm back on 8th of July (next monday) so the next version will not...
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    2019/20 Roster-Updates by Slim

    I'll release my squad updates in this thread. I hope to get every big league done. Open a squad or database file and aste the following in Creation Wizards Import tab: I start with German 1st Bundesliga. It will set all the transfers to your file. Also loans will end. If you already started to...
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    Hi, someone interested in making some NationalKits? I want to add Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
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    Creation Wizard 19

    (BETA v7) Please take care of your database/career files. Its still a BETA so your save/db could get damaged and useless. Please do backups! Also some Features are currently missing!! I'm happy to release the first version of my new editing tool. It's called CW 19 (Creation Wizard 19) and is a...
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    Creation Wizard 2019

    Hello friends, I'm currently creating a tool like creation master. Its not a reengineered Creation Master like CF Explorer 18 or CM 19 (read only) are. Its a completely new tool with similar functionality and visual. Because of that everything could very experimental and error-prone. Thats why...
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    Overall calculation

    Hi guys, I'm just working on a programm like creation master was. It will edit your career mode save, squad and database file. Here is a preview - still very work in progress but editable :) ... I just found out that FIFA don't use the attrib-db... so if I calculate the overall with the...
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    Kits Request

    Hi guys, may some of you know me as the creator of EEP 14,15 and 16. I just want to create a EEP 18 and need some help. I created the missing Europa League Teams and now need kits for them. Is here a kitmaker who wants to help me? :) Teams that need kits: Maccabi Tel Aviv Astana Slavia Praha...
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    FIFA 17 subforum

    Hi, when we can expect a FIFA 17 (sub)forum? :dance:
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    Creating Classic Teams - Without Getting Them In Career Mode

    Hi guys, is it possible and how is it possible to create a new team which is a classic team - and that (and all players of the team...) is not showing in the career mode???
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    European Expansions Patch 2016

    See you next time.
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    Morphing by Slim

    Hi guys, I just try to morph some faces :) Here my results. Let me know your opinion. André Hahn. (original by aeh1991) (originals by murilocrs and FV.Bart)
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    European Expansions Patch 2015

    Release EEP 2.0 für FIFA 15 - Saison Update 15/16 Download: Download every part.... extract part1 (other parts get extracted automaticly).........after that you can put the directorys (dlc, data etc.) and file in your FIFA 15 directory.... after that...