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    Official Patriotism(not really) Thread

    Indonesia president scratches his balls but then realizes he has none:
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    Manchester United [2012-2013]

    Created a wallpaper to welcome our new manager. Just right-click and save to your PC. Enjoy fellas: And here is one for our beloved Ferguson:
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    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YES! YES!!!!!!!

    I always love this thread.
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    Manchester United [2012-2013]

    I'm so fucking sad right now :(
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    FIFA 14 - First Details

    I am seriously considering to buy FIFA 2014 for PS3 after sticking with PES only since 2007. Last year's PES was so pathetic in terms of licensing and competition types and the gameplay hardly improved anyway. If PES still has its issues with licenses, competitions and no significant gameplay...
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    What were you doing when you joined SG?

    I was masturbating.
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    What do you do for a living (now)

    There was a similar thread way back but that was when most of the people hanging around here were still at their teens and senior high school years. So, it's been quiet a while since I've been here, let's see how is everybody doing in their daily lives now. I am now working as a journalist...
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    Manchester United [2012-2013]

    Bad Wayne and Robin duo..... *I'm so corny I hate myself*
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    Manchester United [2012-2013]

    This is the best Manchester United thread first page ever in Soccergaming's history. Btw, I don't know how to react if Van Persie joins. I hate that ****er in Arsenal. I hate him in orange shirt regardless of the fact that I always have a soft spot for the Holland national team in major tourneys.
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    How is everybody doing?

    There was a girl???? Oh, and welcome back Yoss. Jesus ******* Christ you're funny.
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    How is everybody doing?

    Five-star rating. I'm touched.
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    How is everybody doing?

    Jesus, you guys still here? Are Bobby and Yoss still around too?
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    How is everybody doing?

    It's been a long, long time since I posted here.... So, how are you guys doing? How many of you from the 2002 and 2003 class still survive?
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    My mother died today....

    I have considered most of you guys as friends even though we never met each other in real life..... My mother died today because of cancer. She is a wonderful woman and will always be in my heart. RIP.
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    [email protected][email protected]!!!

    (H) "some cind of way"????
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    [email protected][email protected]!!!

    I joined SG about a year after the war and people still talked about it. I searched the forum in my early days to learn about the war... Yeah, I was that pathetic :(
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    [email protected][email protected]!!!

    I miss Yoss man. Where the hell is that pervert? Also, does anyone remember IceBlu? What's goin' on with him man?
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    [email protected][email protected]!!!

    Those were the days.... Congrats....
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    Who Else's Country Did Not Qualify for the World Cup?

    Mine (Indonesia) failed to qualify and still the FA here has some sick twisted dream to host the 2022 World Cup :|