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    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Junior Seau reportedly committed suicide this morning by a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest. Seau was a legend here in the San Diego comparing him to the likes of Tony Gwynn and Shifty Fauts. He meant so much to the community and to the Charger fans. This is a truely sad and lamentable loss...
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    Formula One 2012 Season Thread

    I'm hooked, F1 has an unconditional fan in me. My interest was minimal in past years when I would watch highlights and that would be it, really to the point that I didn't have a clue about which drivers raced for which teams. It wasn't untill last year when I saw parts of races where 'Checo'...
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    NBA Thread 2011-2012

    Damn finally these bastards reached an agreement and we can have b-ball for Christmas. You guys know which "significant" players actually ended up leaving to other leagues. I know Deron Williams left to play for Beşiktaş but that's about all I know...
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    The Official Liga Argentina *Apertura* [2005-2006] Thread

    La Liga Argentina Posiciones: 1.Boca Juniors - 24 2.Vélez Sarsfield - 23 3.Argentinos Juniors - 21 4.Independiente - 19 5.Gimnasia La Plata - 19 6.Banfield - 18 7.Olimpo de Bahía Blanca - 18 8.San Lorenzo - 16 9.Estudiantes La Plata - 16 10.Rosario Central - 15 11.Arsenal de...
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    Liga Argentina: Boca Jr.'s vs River Plate "El Super Clasico" [P+R]

    El Super Clasico C.A. Boca Juniors -VS- C.A. River Plate -VS- VENUE:Sunday, October 16th - Gametime: 15:00 ET (GMT-03:00) Stadium: Antonio Vespucio Liberti “Monumental” Probable Formations: River: Lux; Fernández, Loeschbor, Gerlo/Talamonti, Mareque; San Martín, Santana o...
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    Sports Illustrated Top-10 Clubs in the World

    World Soccer Power Rankings Rank Team 1 Chelsea It's finally happened: Chelsea is the lone Premiership team still standing in the Rankings. Does this speak to how good the Blues are? Or how mediocre the EPL is? You had to wonder when Chelsea was outcoached (again) by Liverpool in...
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    What's the total number of edits allowed?

    I spent a whole afternnon editing players, but after like 30? edit's the game just didn't allow me to edit players. Anybody know how many are allowed? Thanx in advance.
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    The Exorcism of Emily Rose

    I noticed this movie's preview said is was based on a real story. Any reviews Hak?
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    Your Top-10 Rock Bands?

    Ladies first... (H)
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    The Contender

    Sergio "the latin snake" Mora def. Peter Manfredo Jr. I just finished watching it, I've had about 6 beers so I'm buzzing's all good though. :D It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, Sergio deserved to win and deserved that 1,000,000 million dollars for him and for his...
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    Soccer in the Hollywood SPOTLIGHT

    Comments :)
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    Pulp Fiction

    The coolest movie of all-time. IMO... "Jules Winnfield" - Samuel L. Carlos*son & Vince Vega - John Travolta "...and you will know I'm the lord when I lay my vengace upon thee." *him and Vince shoot a guy 10 times* "I'm on the motha ****a go back in there and chill those niggas out, and...
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    The "meanings of songs" Thread

    I'm listening to Sublime right now and I noticed so strange lyrics, well they're strange because the lyrics make it sound like Brad Nowell was planning his suicide...but I'm wondering what he really means when at the end of the song "KRS-One" he says (8) day I'm gonna lose a war.(8) BTW...
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    Rocker, Rapper, Movie star, OR Athlete?

    Which lifestyle would you preffer? Why?(H)
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    I'm quitting...

    Don't be silly, of course I'm talking 'bout that. Shhhh, just don't tell the mods. :rolleyes: I think I'm gonna do it. Starting today... *rolling up the last one* I quit smoking weed. I'm trying coke now. Just kidding, bad joke...Sorry. *waits for all...
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    The Official 2005-2006 College Football Thread

    I was looking up what new recruits my Florida Gators have signed and I came up with this: Position Name Rank at his Position QB-Josh Portis (5th) RB-Kenstah Moore (29th) RB-Tony Right (12th, but has not signed...yet) WR-David Nelson (23rd) WR-Nyan Boateng (38th) WR-Louis Murphy (49th)...
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    New "FASTEST" man in the 400M!

    ---Florida Teen Breaks Johnson's 400 Record--- ...he's a Florida Gator :D Discuss :)
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    Whatchu munchin' on?

    Me: 1. Hot-N-Ready medium pizza from Little Ceasars 2. Hot-N-Ready Crazy bread 3. Hot-N-Ready Crazy sauce 4. 2-liter bottle of Pepsi (Y) ...I haven't eaten all day and right now it's 6:45 PM. "Yo, who's got the munchys be" (H)
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    Whos your favorite character in a movie/show?

    My favorites in a MOVIE: Scarface (Guillermo Diaz)-"Half Baked"- Quote "fuck you, fuck you, fuck youuuu...your cool, and fuck you!. I'm out!" Tony Montana a.k.a. Scarface-"Scarface"- Quote's "Too many of them" ;) Detective Alonzo Harris -"Training Day"- Quote "King Kong ain't got...
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    Sig request

    Can you guys (everybody!) take a jab at this sig request...basically I just want to have all my team logos on this sig. And if someone knows how to make a flashing avatar, I'd be very happy. Thanx in advance. :) Here are my teams: Real Madrid C.F.: Mexico NT: North Carlina Tar Heels...