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    Puma reffere kit

    Some one made it ???
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    My new web .. Its about the israeli patch its in hebrew :$ :$ But if you check the download .. its no ready yet .. The patch will be realesed in acouple of days
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    Stadium Request ....

    PLEASE !!!!!!!!
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    Hi 3D Cup question

    I made acup .. the israeli championship plate .. :) when i win its all good but when igo to the cup gallery .. it shows the konami cup :\ my question is if someone knows where is the 3d cup gallery files ?? thank u all
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    Hello there mates

    :jambo: I am asking you all "surfers " can u tell me is there a way of changing the model .. imeen colar.. of the teams in pes 6 .. (licensd teams ..) like waterloo tool from pes 4 param dat crap .. ineed to change the ervedise to old textures .. all of ervedise to textures...
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    someone have this cicinho please
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    nantes fc kits

    some one have it ?>
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    Pes 6 Demo

    when it will be realsed .. and one more thing is it true that the PES 6 is the convertion of the next gen to pc .. i meen same graphixs and animations :Bow:
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    ;) what is the ervedise chants number .. in the afs file .. tnx in advence :)
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    Zidane attack :rofl:
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    ? .. :]

    :) look igeuss u all know that we can use now larger pes kits textures .. any chance of larger gloves texture ?? :confused: iwould like that :X do u know if its possible ? :ewan: cya ..
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    if u all remember .. maccabi haifa used to be in the champions league .. and they had the all teams pictures now ifound only one if someone can please help me and post the pics :)
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    Stadium building prob ...

    when i try to save in 3ds format my pc crashes .. can some one please convert these files in 3ds format .. ?? and upload it or sent it to my icq 292589229 ... please //
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    i really need this pic ..

    only in big size its from the cl from last season .. maybe one of u guys saved it into his computer ? :boohoo:
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    TV logo

    look... thank you royd ! :jap: nothing more :boohoo: ineed help with hexworkshop ... i replaced the radar ... but it comes out twice
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    can someone help me .. ?

    can someone give me explanation about inserting kits to the afs in pc ... tnx in advence :ewan: cya
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    Pes faces here

    Hi i opened anew thread because someone ruin the other one ghana defender John peinstil (preview) cya :ewan:
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    YONYONYON kits

    iam sorry 4 opening another trhead but ... i want one thread without someone saying i riped akit italionstalion : this onne is not ripped if u want ican show you the patern and psd whatvever liverpool EPL (preview|) v.1
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    Tip 5 Out Now

    TIP = The israeli patch 12 groups the premier league 6 groups from the seceond devision israel national team the young israel national team pes galaxy team including the surfers of the site outfit home, away to all the groups including the national team 4 outfits to all...
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    helo can some one help me to create a bald hair with diamont earing msn:[email protected] cya :ewan: