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    CM09 and Tournaments

    I am trying to create some tournaments in CM09. I created my own custom UEFA Champions League 2008/09 successfully. I tried creating UEFA Cup 2008/09 but the teams I put in the gorup stages were all randomized in FIFA 09. All the teams were there but all randomized. Any idea why this is...
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    AFC coefficient

    I have created the AFC coefficient for asian league patches that will be created in FIFA 09. The common crib that we come across is that some teams and leagues are over-rated than others. Hopefully the AFC coefficient listed here will help us develop a standard for ratings when we create...
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    FIFA 09 loading screens

    Where can I find this screen? I want to have it changed.
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    wwwescape's Editing Thread

    All my patches can be found here. Mostly my patches will be related to India & the I-League. I might also do a few other South Asian teams too. India Credits: billy_d04nk5 (Kits) Dempo Sports Club Credits: billy_d04nk5 (Kits & Minis) Kingfisher East Bengal Credits: billy_d04nk5 (Kits)...
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    Using CEP 7.0 to create .cmp patches

    CEP is out guys. So do we have permission to create .cmp patches of the great leagues in CEP 7.0 so that we can import only the leagues we need and update them as necessary in our own customized FIFA 09 installation? If the fifa.fat limit is broken this year then I don't mind keeping all of...
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    FIFA Point Newspage goes English

    We are glad to present to you today the English Version of FIFA Point Newspage. The FIFA Point Newspage exists since August 2008, however the page was only available in German. But now we also offer you an English version of the FIFA Point Newspage. The administrator who will administer...
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    Applying the 09 Lighting Patch manually

    Hey guys. For some reason all of MonkeyDragon's tools have started giving me an application error. I want to apply the 09 Lighting patch but can do so. Could someone tell me which files I have to add/replace in my FIFA 09 installation from the 09 Lighting patch please...:innocent_smile_1:
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    FIFA 09 to FIFA future title Wish List

    FIFA 09 is a great game, no doubt, but here is a list of things I wish FIFA would make in their games to make it even more perfect... Here is a list of changes I would like to see in FIFA whihc I am pretty sure that cannot be modded in any way. Please correct me if I am wrong. League /...
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    FIFA 09 Mega National Anthems Patch

    I have created national anthem patches in .smp format (Sound Master 09), for created national teams in FIFA 09. NOTE: I have noticed that sometimes importing a .smp patch Sound Master 09 cause the audio.big to get corrupted. Please backup your audio.big which is located in EA SPORTS\FIFA...
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    Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 - The List

    I have compiled a list of the best Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 with direct links for each of them. I spend most of my time searching the Internet and this forum for the same and thought of starting this thread. I hope this list will help many of you. Please note that all credit goes to...
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    Short names in FIFA 09

    I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out short names of all teams in FIFA 09 to fit MonkeyDragons cool Scoreboard Tool 09 coming up. I remember having the short team names spill over in the scoreboard in FIFA 08 and FIFA 07. Where can I find such information? PS: I have taken...
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    India / I-League .cmp patch... Here we go!!!

    Hi, I'm making a patch for the Indian National Team as well as the new I-League. P.S. : Any help would be really appreciated. PM me. Kitmakers, Minikit makers, Facemakers ... Features Main Features: - Full up-to-date of the Indian National team - Full up-to-date of the I-League - 6...
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    Help with Logos ...

    I need some help creating InGame and GUI logos. Could someone help me out please..... These logos are for India and Pakistan. I am creating a South Asia patch and would like to start of with these two teams.
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    Kit Master Help!!!

    I have .Ney Framework 2.0 installed. But Kit Master wont install.... Please help. Can someone please convert these kits to FIFA 07. India Home India Away I wud be very greatful..
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    Team Logos ????

    What should be the size and format of team logos for creation center?