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    FIFA World Cup 06 Demo Released!

    > right click on the game-icon > attributes "C:\Programme\EA SPORTS\2006 FIFA World Cup (TM) Demo\FIFAWC06DEMO.exe" "RESOLUTION=1280x800x32"
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    CC Released

    Creation Center 2005 v1.3.0.27
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    Flags, and more atmosphere

    you can use the " Fancrowd Changer 2005 "
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    Face Installer
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    {New 2GB Balls by Hrvoje} []

    befor yo make new balls, please support your "rednet Patch" PN: rednet Patch Hello, why does the patch change the registry of FIFA 2005 ??? this not helps for all the other patchmakers how can the patch deinstall ??? __________________ Old 15-04-2005, 04:08:AM
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    Importing Faces?

    *.rar files are packed files like *.zip you have to unpack use WinRar
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    Importing Faces?

    and what is your problem ? i think you must change the hash-code with hex-editor on the end of the fsh-file dont make faces with the same hash-code
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    Importing Faces?

    Face Import for import BMP in the face-files you can use :sun: FSH-Editor 0.0.5 :sun: FSH-Editor Graphic Importer Plug-In 1.0.0
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    Importing Faces?

    FIFA4FANS Face Importer FEATURES =============================================================================== With the FIFA4FANS-Face Importer a tool for the disposal with which the import of Face files can be carried out in FIFA 2005 in a simple way...
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    Importing Faces?

    Face Import you can use the FIFA 4 Fans Face Importer :sun: FIFA4FANS-Face-Importer -build11
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    Importing 2GK kits

    transfer the Kits-files from zdata01.big to zdata03.big with bigGUI (Export / Delete / Import) then tried Kit Raptor again
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    Help converting a face from bmp to fsh !!!

    :sun: FSH-Editor 0.0.5 :sun: FSH-Editor Graphic Importer Plug-In 1.0.0
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    Musthave util - fifaFS v.4

    i will use fifaFS 4 like "ImpBIG". with ImpBIG i have this comand: "/i zdata_16.big crowdtexobj.texobj541412353515625__texture0634765625__1.fsh Fifa4Fans/Crowds/fifa05-50.fsh /c" what comand i have to use in fifaFS 4 ??? i have try many comands, but i allwas get a error "file...
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    :sun: UniDB v3.2
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    Creation Centre 2005 Fix Released

    Re: CC05 new version problem set your Windows-Resolution: higher and / or set your Active Desktop - Fontsize: lower
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    Update on the CC

    Operating System Microsoft Windows 98 SE System Memory 128.3 DirectX Version 9.0c Display Device NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 Display Memory 64.0 Display Driver
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    there is no solution now but you can edit some things if you go to Search (Teams or Players) but not > Team Roster > Formation > Properties
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    Having Problems - Read This

    same problem for me with windows 98 i have copy the gdiplus.dll in the creation centre folder but it not helps i can edit some things if i go to Search (Teams or Players) but can not edit > Team Roster > Formation > Properties
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    Crowd-Patch in work there is a patch in work by DaKaTotal: