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    Problem with ESPN ticker..

    Whenever there is a bar that are susposed to show news from around the world... I will get error instead of the news.. anyone had encounter this problem?? help will be appreciated
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    Request manchester United Carrick and Ronaldo Sig..

    Can I request a manchester United sig with Carrick and Cristiano Ronaldo .. thx
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    [NEWS] Polish Team Promised $6,000,000 If They Win The World Cup

    The players of the Polish national team would receive, collectively, a cool six million dollars if they managed to win the World Cup, a senior Polish football official said Sunday. "In this way we have joined together with the team," said Michal Listkiewicz, President of the Polish Football...
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    Should Soccergaming open a dedicated website for PES/WE??

    since Pes/we is such a great game ...I think that SG should open a website dedicated to PES/WE... Since fifa has one , why not Pes? DO u agree?
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    Games u most looking forward to in 2006?

    1.SplinterCell4 2.pes6 3.Unreal Tournament 2007
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    Best game of 2005?

    For me 1.Pes5 2.Fear 3.Call of Duty 2 How about ya?
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    Anyone here diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis(NF) ???

    Recently I found out that my cousin is diagnosed with NF1..I was shocked.So anyone here who are diagnosed with it tell me how to handle it, or is there anyway to cure it .
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    Need help!

    I found out that my motherboard and processor sucks while the rest of my pc components is good so is it worth buying a new case , processor and Motherboard while using the same thing for the other parts like graphic card , Hard disk (example).. If yes .. recommend me some processsor and...
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    Best FTP program??

    What is the best ftp program?
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    Which game should i buy?

    Today,my Dad gave me some money to buy games so which one u guy recommemd me to get? EDITED! F.E.A.R. Quake 4 Call of Duty 2 Star Wars Battlefront 2 BAttlefield 2 special forces Or introduce me some games
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    Review at IGN!

    A good score 8.7!
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    Online Challenge here

    Post your email so we can organize Online games here.. [email protected]
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    PS2 converter installation problem

    AFter i installed the driver , i plug in the converter. Something pop out and says unknown device..WTh is this..
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    which 2 teams in the demo??? guess here

    I think it gotta be Liverpool vs milan
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    WE9 patches???

    IS there any patches for WE9 so far??? Tranlation patch ???
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    Is it good??worth buying?
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    .w2b files?

    Anyone knows how to open w2d files??
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    Which tennis game?

    Well , which tennis game will u people recommmend to me?
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    Preorder PEs5 now at 29.99 have listed Pro Evolution Soccer 5, with a release date of October 28th. We are pretty sure that is just speculation as there has been no official Press Release as of yet. You can get yourself over to Play and be one of the first to order your copy right now for just 29.99 with FREE...