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    Share your Manager Mode team

    I know people on this board are bigger on PC gaming but I thought it would good to have a thread where people can share their FIFA MM teams. My current MM is Real Madrid, at the start of season 2. Starting XI: GK|Iker Casillas RWB|Sergio Ramos CB|Raul Albiol CB|Pepe LWB|Filipe Luis...
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    Repairing Xbox 360

    Got a bit of a problem, I've requested that my 360 be repaired because it has the ring of death thing but I've got stuck at the electronic UPS returns label stage. The thing is I've been sent an email saying that a UPS shipper has sent me an electronic returns label and that I need to print...
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    Putting Graphics into FM 09

    I just got this game today and found a number of graphics that you can put into the game on here: The thing is though I don't know where to begin, could anyone possibly help me with this? Thanks in advance.
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    The Championship: HD Logos

    Here are some HD logos I've made for the Coca Cola Championship. I plan to make logos for all Championship teams apart from Birmingham, Reading and Derby (they were done last year), and also make HD logos for Stoke, Hull and West Brom. First logo, Sheffield Wednesday: These are the...
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    Tekken 6

    I've heard that Tekken 6 is coming out next year. Personally I can't wait, having played some of the previous versions I think it is a brilliant game. It's going to be on xbox 360 for the first time as well. Anyone else looking forward to this game being released?
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    xbox 360 editing

    Is it possible to edit PES kit logos e.t.c on xbox360? I heard you can connect a camera and do it that way. Does anyone know if that's true?
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    Editing kit numbers

    Ths is probably a stupid question but i've just got '09 for xbox 360 and i notice that the team management section is different. Anyway i couldn't find where to edit kit numbers. I guess you can edit a player and change the number, but what about in manager mode when you can't edit a player. Are...
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    Personal Statement Help

    Boring topic i know but i'm applying for Uni this year and i want to start my personal statement with a quote as some places like that. Problem is i can't find a quote that is suitable. I'm applying to do Economics. Has anyone got any ideas about a quote i could put in? All ideas are...
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    Fifa FAT Error

    Basically the problem is that I was using the Fifa Big FAT and it was working fine, then today it wasn't. When I logged in today the shortcut didn't work so I checked the file where the big FAT program was, and it was empty- even though I definitely didn't delete it. Then to make matters worse I...
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    The Russian Premier League

    Hello, I just thought i'd mention it to everyone that LucaToni9 has created a Russian Premier League patch which is available on Seeing as the RPL is quite popular i thought many of you would like to know that it has been created as a single league (not combined with other...
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    Player ID's

    I noticed some players that aren't in the game have ids still in the game eg: Kluivert Anyway could someone identify some player id's for me. I have ideas as to who they might be from the pictures but i'm not sure. Basically go on create player in cm08 and in the id box put these numbers (1...
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    Russian League Kits

    Has anyone got kits and minikits for any teams in the Russian League? currently i have Spartak Moscow and CSKA done but does anyone have kits for the other teams?
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    Team Logos

    Can anyone resize some logos for me for my russian premier league if i post them? I need the background to be transparent as well.
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    Russian League

    I'm trying to make the russian league but i need the kits. Has anyone got kits from the Russian league, links to where they can be found or are willing to make some?
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    faces in fifa07

    I'm not actually playing on fifa 07 now but i'm editing fifa 08 using cm08. Anyway i was creating players and thought that on fifa 07 there are real faces for Samuel Kuffour (Roma) and Recoba (Inter). So would someone who has fifa 07 on PC (i had it on ps2) be able to upload the face and hair...
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    question about stadiums. If in cm08 i have 2 clubs that share a stadium (for example Blackburn and Bolton might both have the modern euro stadium) but in reality both stadiums have a different capacity and i want to change it to the correct capacity will that affect the team or the stadium...
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    Leagues and National teams

    Just wondering has anyone made any leagues or national teams that are downloadable? like i was interested in the russian, ukrainian or Argentine league if anyone has made them. Or maybe national teams like Ghana, Ivory Coast e.t.c
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    I know this sounds like a stupid question but i downloaded some faces and i don't know which folder i have to put them in to make them work. Would anyone be able to tell me how to do it? Also has anyone got a link for a Vidic face?