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    Man City Thread [1894 - 2094]

    As fun as the 2010/2011 thread was, think the champions of England deserve their own thread. I'm going to make this thread then disappear for large periods at a time, so feel free to use it to mock City whenever we lose to Everton/Sunderland or praise us when we crush Un*ted/Arsenal.
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    La Galaxy - Toronto FC (CONCACAF CL QFs) [R!!!]

    TFC win 2-1 in LA, 4-3 on aggregate to advance to the semifinals. Anyone outside of Toronto and possibly LA may not care, but I felt the need to share my giddiness. 1st leg played out to a 2-2 draw in Toronto in front of 48,000+ at the Rogers Centre, was absolutely insane. This is a team that...
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    The Man City Thread [10/11]

    Figured I might as well start this 5 and a half hours from the kick-off of the new season. Champions League or bust this season. It's gonna be a rough couple of months until we offload a bunch of players.
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    WC Matchday 4: [NED vs DEN] + [JAP vs CAM] + [ITA vs PAR]

    Discuss, predict, complain, etc. Netherland 3-1 Denmark Japan 1-1 Cameroon Italy 2-1 Paraguay
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    The Manchester City Transfer Thread

    Yes, it deserves its own. If only we finished 4th, this thread would have been so much more epic, but I guess it's okay. Discuss.
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    Cheap Jerseys?

    I remember back in the day when Gimako was around, so was just wondering if anyone knows any cheap, reliable kit sites that are around now?
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    Paranormal Activity

    F_UxLEqd074 There was only one theatre in Toronto showing this movie, only showed it for 3 nights (1 showing each night, at midnight), managed to catch it today in what I believe was the last night it would be shown for now. HO-LY ****E. Easily the scariest movie I've seen in a decade...
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    Been a while since I've even had a sig, so me needs help. Can someone make me a Manchester City sig that involves the following elements: -Man City of course (logo?) -Anything Arab -Money -Tevez Best sig wins 1000 Iraqi Dinar.
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    Manchester City Thread [09/10]

    Gareth Barry in for £12M and we've reportedly agreed an £18M fee with Blackburn for Santa Cruz. Captain Dunne reportedly close to Sunderland for ~£5M (FINALLY), and a Lescott-Micah Richards swap is also in the pipeline. Clearly we're not exactly going after the biggest names this summer...
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    Bruno vs. Eminem [R] Discuss.
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    A Sincere...

    F*ck you to anyone to uses Man Utd in EVERY online game and puts CRonaldo as a striker and just holds R2 and runs with it until you're clear through on goal. That is all.
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    NBA 08-09 Season Thread

    Surprised a thread hasn't already been started. Anywho, let's get to the important sh*t: -Raptors 3-0. -The Pistons trade Billups, Mcdyess and some other skank to the Nuggets for AI. Holy ****. That's really all I care about for now. Oh, and Shifty, who do you prefer as starting PG? I'm...
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    Gilardino [P + R]

    Gilardino handed two-game ban Fiorentina striker Alberto Gilardino has been handed a two-game ban by the Italian football authorities. Gilardino's goal in Sunday's 3-1 win over Palermo infuriated the home side with replays showing that he used his arm to open the scoring in the 19th...
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    Manchester City Thread [08/09]

    Mark Hughes in, Jo just in for a record 19M GBP. Samara hopefully out soon to Celtic, asking 3M for him. Isaksson confirmed to PSV for 2M. Mpenza, Dickov and Sun Jihai all released. Dunne reportedly close to agreeing a new deal (bleh). looks like Hughes is getting this team organized. I think...
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    Friendly: Canada vs. Brazil [R]

    DeGuzman with a ******* rocket to even it at 2-2 at the start of the 2nd half... Canada playing better than I've seen in a long time, great match
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    Laptop Battery

    I have an Acer Aspire 5000 series, and my original battery had gone to ****s (where I'd unplug the AC adapter and it would immediately give me a "critical battery" warning)... so I bought a new battery, basically the same make and everything, put it in, was working fine, had 2+ hours of battery...
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    Liverpool - Inter [R]

    haha, Materazzi with his 2nd yellow in half an hour... Inter down to 10 men (H)
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    Ballon d'Or [R]

    Kaka wins Ballon d'Or Brazilian beats Ronaldo and Messi to award Milan playmaker Kaka has won the 2007 Ballon d'Or, beating Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to the prestigious prize. The Brazilian was an inspirational figure in Milan's UEFA Champions League success last season and had...
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    Toronto to export all Portuguese citizens to Nunavut

    aka, Happy Birthday Luis (H) no but really, you're one of the coolest 70 year olds I've ever had the pleasure of talking to.
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    Mourinho named new England manager

    Sky Sports Interview with Jose