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  1. AcoolFIfa

    Squad file for FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial)

    TRANSFERS FOR FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial) 05.12.2020 by Tolyan1406 There are squads for fifa fip 14 hbz 2.20 fix. Made over 900 ongoing transfers in Europe and the rest of the world. ALL major transfers. DOWNLOAD
  2. AcoolFIfa

    FIFA 14 Road to EURO 2020 patch

    All UEFA National Teams The patch has 3 game modes - Qualification of EURO 2020 with real groups - EURO 2020 with real groups - League of Nations with real groups (Bonus tournament, no access to EURO from it) New Team Forms Euro and League of Nations Qualification Balls Overview: Download here
  3. AcoolFIfa

    Moddingway website steals accounts

    For 6 months, the site has been stealing user data from FIFA 20 accounts. This author (swathas) has another account with nickname 2roken. The site administration does not react in any way, although I wrote to them about the fraudster. Download the archive and check through...