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    The Juventus Thread [2010-2011] The Official 2010-2011 Juventus FC Thread Main Sponsor Technical Sponsor Stadio Olimpico di Torino Club Honors National titles * Serie A / Italian Football Championship: 29 (record). * Winners: 1905; 1925–26; 1930–31; 1931–32...
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    Juventus FC [2009-2010] Thread

    "At least he hustles."- Someone's definitely said that about Molinaro at least once. The Official 2009-2010 Juventus FC Thread Sponsered by: "Mediocre left-backs were never this good." AND "Because tractor manufacturers make you win." AND "Nike- Just do it."...
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    2009 NBA Playoffs Thread

    NBA playoffs kick off tomorrow. Click here for the complete schedule plus tv listings. First Round matchups: West Lakers Jazz Blazers Rockets Spurs Mavs Nuggets Hornets East Cavs Pistons Hawks Heat Magic Sixers Celtics Bulls Let's hope I'm not the only person who posts in this thread.
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    Football Manager 2009 DEMO *Out Now*

    Downloading it now myself. :innocent_smile_1:
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    Juventus FC (2008-2009) Thread

    Juventus FC (2008-2009) Thread "Juventus are just simply awesome"- Jesus' final words Team Profile Founded in 1897 by a group of school boys Juventus have grown to become one of the largest and most successful clubs in Europe. Juventus' position as major contenders in...
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    The PES-Winning Eleven Forum is dead

    It's like a graveyard in there. The only active topics in that section are about kitserver or Frenkie's turf. The mods are as dead as the forum too. No one to clean up all the junk from the bots and that guy posting all those predicts threads despite no one even bothering to reply to them...
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    Does anyone else think the match engine is crap?

    Because I certainly do. I don't know what it is with this version, something just isn't right, in particular, the fact that I have so many shots on goal with so little possession, too many missed shots, AI taking like 1-2 shots a game and rarely testing my keeper, etc. I don't know what...
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    Transfer bug?

    Before my first season in charge with Juve was over I made an offer to Chelski for Alex, the PSV defender on loan from them. So they accepted my offer, and Alex was in due to sign with me on July 1, 2007, great, or not. When that day came around, Alex was back with Chelsea, and not in my team...
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    Could someone upload the original "panels" folder?

    Anyone want to help me out and upload the original panels folder in the FM 2007 data folder?
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    GK going forward bug?

    Has anyone noticed late in the game if their goalkeeper has gone forward on set pieces when you were winning? I just played Verona in a league match, and in the 90th minute Buffon went to join the attack on a corner. Thing is, I was winning 2-1, and thought to myself, "gee, why does my gk join...
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    My right analog stick doesn't work

    Could anyone help me with a little dilemna I'm havin? Ok, so I picked up FIFA 07 today for the pc. For some reason it won't recognize my controller's right analog stick. I'm using a NYKO Airflo EX controller, if that helps. I've searched threads here and on other forums but no luck my right...
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    Need some help on computer restarting itself.

    Alright, before you ask, yes I have checked for viruses. My computer restarted atleast 3 times yesterday for no apparent reason it seems. I don't know what the reason is. The computer is relatively new, not even two weeks old. :( I attached a screen cap of the error log from the last time...
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    9/11 conspiracy, here's what Maddox has to say. Interesting, he has a point. You should read the two links on the bottom of the page also.
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    Siggy request

    Well since Italia is in the final I need a sig (H). If you could include Grosso's celebration today that would be great. So c'mon, chop chop. (H)
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    Anyone know....

    Can someone recommend a good place, be it the internet or whatever, to get a good PC built? I'm ditching my old one. Wanna here what you have to say.
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    NFO file help?

    Right so everytime I try to open an NFO file I get this message; "System Information cannot open this NFO file. It might be corrupted or an unrecognized version." What should I do, anyone, any ideas? Please help.:(
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    Idaho Blows (H)
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    My first face, comments please.

    Well, I decided to have a go at facemaking so I chose something easy for my first attempt. Major thanks to Hawke from Evo-web, his facemaking tutorial helped me a lot. It doesn't look too different from the default, but it certainly, in my opinion, is better. So here it is, Joaquin...
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    Kitserver in the works for pes5?

    As the title says, I wonder if juce will be making a kitserver compatible with pes5. If so that would totally kick a$$. I hope your reading this and would be great if you can stop here and drop a comment, juce. Peace. :)
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    Imageshack prob?

    I've been having a problem with imageshack lately and their hosted pics. For example lets say someone posts a pic, but I see no pic, just a white space, and no red X either. Hope you understand :(