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    MichalGrau's Faces

    Hey Mate, I am trying to learn more about making faces and your work is really good! How do you decide on which faces to use as a base? Also, any tips on how to find high quality photos of players?
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    Are there any unique ids for the International Expansion Mod FIFA 22 for the additional teams? (e.g Aldershot Town, Kuwait)

    Could be misinterpreting your question but the creator said that they replaced Ultimate Team and Brazilian team IDs - you might be able to find out which one was replaced using the FIFA live editor tool - Open it in career mode and then look for Team ID. I don't know if we're able to create new...
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    IEM v3.5 (128 New National Teams, the National League, Superettan, Serie B, Balkan League, CAF Super League, Brazilian Serie A, 57 New ROW Clubs)

    This is a really impressive mod - great work! How did you add all of these new teams? I'm assuming you replaced existing FUT teams? Any type of tutorial or info would be super helpful.
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    Creating Teams and then Adding Them to an Existing League

    Hi guys - I'm interested in creating several teams and then adding them to an existing league (the Cinch Scottish Premiership). Is this possible? If so, are there any existing tutorials or resources for creating a new team from scratch using RDBM? I haven't been able to find any. Thanks!
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    How do you create a national team?

    Thank You for asking this question! I've always been really interested in the possibility of adding national teams and extra club teams but I can never quite get it to work. I'm mostly interested in career mode so I originally tried to replace the extra FUT teams IDs - to no avail. It seems like...
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    Banners and Flags Not Displaying In Stadiums

    Can you reshare the solution or file please? I have been looking for this solution for weeks!
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    Using RDBM for Create a Club Banners and Assets

    Hi everyone - I'm trying to use RDBM to edit assets for my Create-A-Club career mode team. I want to use RDBM to change the banner for my created team - Does anyone know how to give my Created Club the banner for another team (for example can I upload a banner for my team in the editor tool in...
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    Editing Stadium Assets

    Hi - I'm trying to use Groupama Stadium for my career mode, I wanted to change some of the stadium assets (.png files - bench color, tarp, wall color) that have the Lyon logo to my own team. Every time I change these files the stadium loads with black boxes and color issues. In FIFA 20 I was...