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    My First 2 Faces

    :rolleyes: what do you think
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    Match Time

    Is there any way to change match time to 10 min or even 45 min, I remember that, someone made program for FIFA 2005 demo.
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    Xman Face Thread 2005

    This is my first patch for Fifa 2005 Hope you like it
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    Help Please

    Can someone told where can i download Career Customizer because in Filefront says that file not found. Sorry my bad English
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    xman Face Thread

    It`s my first face for Fifa2005
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    Xman Face thread

    I hope you like it
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    Please help me

    I have two problems . 1st I can`t play with 2Gf faces . 2nd When i make my own face patch and import it in the game and then compress it with BIGgui but in the game this men whos face i maked is green and red . SORRY MY BAD English
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    xman faces

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    Diego Forlan by xman

    It`s my first patch for fifa
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    Jérôme Rothen

    Can someone give me link for Jérôme Rothen face patch or send it to me [email protected] Thanx