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    importing stadiums

    hi i have just recently made a stadium in rhino and i want to put it into pes, does anybody know of any tutorials or can tell me how to do so cheers
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    looking for a patch

    i have heard that there is a patch that has been made for pes 5, but i cannot seem to find it any where, could some one please tell me where this is
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    Dave Chappelle's Block Party

    i am going to see this movie soon, any one seen it, i love dave chappelle's style and am looking forward to this movie, any one know if it's any good (dont spoil it for me)
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    cm3 problem

    hey i have just found out that i have a copy of cm3 but it won't work cos i have windows xp does any one know of a patch or somehting to do that will let the game work on xp
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    My siggies

    Here is my sig thread, i am new to tha forums but i have made heapsa sigs b4 over at breamster and at this site under my stuff here is a new sig :rockman: