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    Gonira's thread of awesomeness for fifa 14

    i returned into a strong fifa 14 playing habit in the last few weeks. since then, i discovered a lot of things i could tweak that turned this into the most awesome football game ever for me. this is the content of a slider building thread i made in the operationsports forums three years ago...
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    Increasing Post Match Highlight Buffer?

    i don't know if it's still like this in fifa 17, but in previous games, those full match highlights at the end of the game would stop being presented if half lenght was set to anything higher than 10 minutes (they would still work in half-time though). i checked every ini file to see if i...
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    Improving simulation results and league tables

    UPDATED: 3 NOV 2016 this is some heavy editing i made to simsettings.ini so simulated results would get more realistically varied. it probably took me at least 200 simulated seasons to get to this point. it's hard, because some values influence the results in misterious ways. features of...
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    Increasing Stamina

    i know we can edit how fast they recover after a career match editing the fitness section of cmsettings.ini, but i'm aiming to edit how fast stamina depletes DURING the matches themselves. the point is i play my career with edited sliders and i noticed stamina to be consumed slower the lower i...