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    Fifa 12 Classic Teams Patch

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    Uefa europa league scoreboard

    Hello! I need Uefa europa league scoreboard in 4:3 format, because all europa league scoreboards what im find is in 16:9 format but i have monitor in 4:3 format and scoreboards in 16:9 format is not good work. Anyone can help me ? Thanks!
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    Uefa europa league 11/12 adboards

    Hi to all ! I must have the uefa europa league adboards for fifa 12. I cant find it anywhere. Can anyone upload here this adboards or get me a link or do this adboards for me or somethink like this ? Thanks a lot !
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    Fifa WC 2010 Stadiums !?

    Anyone can export stadiums from Fifa WC 2010 South Africa xbox360 and import to Fifa 11 PC ? Is this possible? I want stadiums, gameplay, cameras from Fifa WC 2010, in my Fifa 11 PC! So I ask to all, is this possible ??? Thanks !
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    The Best Gameplay For Fifa 11 PC

    Which Gameplay is the best for fifa 11 pc ? 1. Ps3 Hybrid Gameplay by doctorfidel. 2. DB Gameplay by Regularcat. 3. Erevos Transformed Gameplay Database by Erevos. 4. FiFaNetworkTR XBOX 360 Gameplay Patch by FiFaNetworkTR. 5. Maybe Other ? Which is the best? What you think ? Please...