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    what r3 button on PS3??

    well, buddy, R3 button is basically the Right Analog Stick pressed down. simply press the stick in untill it makes a Click sound. thats the R3 button. It is the same for L3 button, simply press in the Left Analog Stick. these are practically the same for both ps3 and 360 controllers. though im...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    Duude, just hold the q buttom and press pass man! q+s= 1 2 pass (in default settings) q+d= chip shot (default settings) q+w= overhead through pass (default settings) q+a= early lod (default settings) where recieving player runs after the ball has been lobbed and attempts to break...
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    The Fifa 2007 Direct IP match up thread

    ie7 should not be the case. i use ie7 too and can still connect ip to ip. whenever i have a problem on "connection attempt failed" i make sure my firewall is disabled. the same goes for the person who is playin with you too. other than that, im not too sure, just a wild guess, different patched...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    There is the "Rabona" trick which can be done without the trick stick. The methods are given in page 6 of this thread i think. check it out, Neo's tuts are good. that shot was possible because of the position, flight and path of the ball. try taping back, front, back on the trick stick...
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    I have problem in install

    try uninstalling your directx using directx happy uninstall. you can get it here and then get the latest directx (actually even the august 2006 redistributable would do) and then install it USING directx happy uninstall. give it a shot.
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    Created Club

    No problem.
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    Xbox 360 Controller

    which drivers are you using, if you have microsoft drivers it should work fine with no problems. but if you are using the XBCD drivers, then you need to make a custom profile for the controller. and also you need to alter the devdata.dat. i could make them for you, if you tell me what is the...
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    technical problem

    samsung dvd drives with old firmwares are sometimes unable to read the newer dvds. if all common solutions fail to make your game read in your drive, then you could just borrow your friend's drive and install the game. but then again you will still need to have the dvd in the drive to play the...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    no probs. happy to help. i am using the xbox 360 gamepad. been lookin for the 360 fifa 07, but its not in the stores here anymore. was sold out and i missed it n now im pulling my hair out. love the independent ball physics in 360.
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    Created Club

    when you get to the select team in manager mode, look at the bottom part of the screen. there is an option which will allow you to replace a team with your created one. no need to use any extra editors.
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    hmmmmm..........different skilled players can have different moves. but the most reliable one is the "step over move" i think. but you can experiment with other moves as well. different situations might call for different moves. anyways, you can tap the trick stick up and down quickly to do the...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    Ther has to be precise timing and direction on the gamepad. especially if you are using analog sticks. the rabona doesnt need the trick stick at all. Its done using the movement sticks. Anyways, here goes>>>>>>>>>>>. First, run to the right of the pitch. And then while the player is in...
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    Tricks, moves, button combinations FIFA 07...

    Here is my share of tricks that i have learned from others and found out myself... Heel Flip(bringing the ball from behind to front over the head) Keyboard - while running, let go of all directions and then press hold shift and then press back, up, front and let go of shift.(player runnin...
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    Right analog problems - No trick stick

    its nots supposed to mess anything in your comupter. the worst that could happen is that you might need to reinstall the gamepad drivers... but ususally changing the OEM name of the gamepad in the registry to sumthing which fifa supports works..... using an xbox 360 controller with xbcd drivers...
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    Listen up all you people who have the full PC version!

    hope this info will also help i run this machina p4 ht 3.0 ghz/intel 945gvn mobo 2gb ddr2 533 mhz ram geforce 6600 256 mb -------------------- so u can tell how bad the frames are with fifa 07. but i just happened to be playing around with my nvidia control panel. i checked the 3d...
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    Latest Nvidia graphics card Driver problem

    search for a reg patch for the sli bug. google it, and u will surely come across. why dont u get the 91.33 drivers. it has a lot of fixes compared to 91.31 u can get it at nvidia's page. pm me ur add if u cant find the patch
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    Latest Nvidia graphics card Driver problem

    there should be a fix for it, and yes i am using the same version. that version is not a final release, its still in the betas mostly. it can make a lot of games better and at the same time screw a lot of games as well. 1-make sure u have sli mode disabled if u r not using it. 2-and then...
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    Latest Nvidia graphics card Driver problem

    was it version 91.31?
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    NK FOOTBALL © : V8 - Come and get it!!

    i got that same problem as well....... happens a lot. i just stopped throwing the ball. i just drop it and pass it away or lob it straight. NK, was that meant to be??
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    FIFA 06 Online - FIFA Polonia Files - six new files !!!

    FIFA World Cup 06 Lighting Patch wont work. Error : not a valid file: zdata_oo.big made my game crash, wont work anymore :boohoo: was it meant for forld cup or plain old 06??? would love to have a better lighted pitch in wc