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    Sound Master 09 - Beta Test

    I am definately interested in SM09. Playing with a side which doesn't have many names called out by the commentators, I love using SM to make the commentators say the names of the players on my team using existing similar commentary Thanks!
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    CEP 6.0: The Revolution

    it's not like fifa 09 will have half of the leagues in cep6..
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    Fifa 08 Screenshots & Videos.

    **** GOALKEEPING: An Instructional Video a video on how NOT to goalkeep NODn5XFXcxM
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    MexicanTraveller's Cactus Area

    These are great flags and adboards and I think that this thread is worthy of a bump. Thanks MexicanTraveller! :D
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    Lech Stadium By Fifa Arena - Release

    Wow, very nice stadium! :D
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    Fifa 08 Screenshots & Videos.

    LOL a free kick bug 7GlBI-wqpPU
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    fifa08 control guide by mr_08

    I can't believe no one has commented on this yet. Thanks for these tips mr_08 :)
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    Fifa 08 Screenshots & Videos.

    Sick of seeing goals from the big clubs/leagues? Check out this goal created by a crazy run from Timo Gebhart of 1860 Munich in the 2. Bundesliga :D BfQn7tZumVY
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    Best Eleven & Sixteen On Fifa 08

    Season 9: GK Starke RB Castro CB Agger CB Cartwright LB Bale RM Ribery CM Fabregas CM Gerrard LM Silva ST Pato ST Benzema GK Sirotkin RB Ponzio CB Tipton CB F Mosse LB Coe RM Tracey CM Obi Mikel CDM De Jong CDM Queiroz CAM Nasri CAM dos Santos CAM Burchill RF Dutoit LF Babel ST Harewood ST...
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    FIFA 08 Patching

    hmm weird.. :S try browsing to C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 08\data\cmn\fe and take note of the names of the .db files. hopefully then you'll be able to determine what region your fifa is from edit: maybe you have the UK (english only) version?
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    FIFA 08 Patching

    I'm guessing that you have a locale.ini file located in your \Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 08 directory. If so, temporarily move it so when you boot up, you'll be able to see the language selection screen.
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    FIFA 08 Roster Tool

    It doesn't work anymore lol..
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    Fifa crashes at loading screen.. help me plss

    I've also had this problem. Just incase anyone else has this problem, the way I fixed it was to remove the D. My Squads folder in the My Documents\FIFA 08 directory. :)
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    The Sound Master 08 Thread

    Same here.. xD I've read this thread and managed to clone commentary for Matthew Naylor (originally from Lee Naylor) but I don't really get how to create and import speech for players.. help appreciated :)
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    Fifa 08 Best Youngs

    Yeah pretty weird eh? xD Before I formatted and forgot to back up my FIFA files I had another career going with Wycombe and found David Tracey in around the 10th season or something, whereas this time with my Liverpool team I found him much earlier (around the 3rd, can't really reember). The...
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    Fifa 08 Best Youngs

    Season 8, these players look like they will still grow beyond these figures - George Alexopolous (CB) Greece (born 1996) 68->85 - Sam Barras (CM) England (born 1998) 61->83 - Terpak Blahoslav (CAM) Czech Republic (born 1999) 61->83 - Carlos Kirby (ST) England (born 1999) 66->83
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    Tips for improving team chemistry/morale

    Try upgrading your medical staff. Rotating your squad is good, but letting them play when they are tired (in yellow/red) damages morale/chemistry. Topping up contracts also gives a morale boost. Also, try playing your players in their favourite position.
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    Restoring default backgrounds, faces and sponsors

    Danny_FS, you are a gun! :D Everything is back to normal, thanks! :D:D
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    Restoring default backgrounds, faces and sponsors

    Hello! I have recently installed the russian league patch 2008, but seeing that it has installed new backgrounds, and changed the interface language from english to russian, I decided to get rid of it by reinstalling fifa. Now theoretically, everything should be gone, back to normal right...
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    English Premier League 90s Patch[Includes 22 teams]

    I'd like the link too please :) btw, great faces, keep up the good work! :)