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    UEFA Euro 2012 Group F Qualifying

    Champion 757 Coratia didn't compete in the 2010 World Cup
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    Goal of the Week This one is the best
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    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

    But what if you create your own International league would it work then or no?
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    How to increase bids in Manager Mode?

    Just download manager master from the FIFA Master website. You can modify a lot of manager details.
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    Why don't we make the best and complete patch ever, together?

    I'm up for help making this patch
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    complete european patch :)

    I was asking for both so thanks for the answer. This is one stupid EA bug if you ask me.
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    complete european patch :)

    Does this work for you?
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    Why don't we make the best and complete patch ever, together?

    I like what I see. But this patch is gonna take a lot of effort. Maybe I can do some research about the teams if you want. It would be an honnor to help you guys.
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    Rosters 2010 - 2011??

    Wait like everyone else. They're gonna upload the link when they're done
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    complete european patch :)

    FIFA bug again?
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    News about FIFA11

    I agree
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    FIFA 10 VS PES 10

    Fifa is good because of the licenced teams and stadiums and leagues. But PES has awesome graphics better gameplay so for me it's difficult to decide whic game is better.
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    complete european patch :)

    Like I said in the previous post....Open CM10 go to the leagues window and import your team into the International league. That's all you have to do, Then save it and start the games
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    complete european patch :)

    Darkvajo forgett that ungratefull dork, most of us that downloaded this patch think you did an awesome job. As for you dionmolenaar, YOU CAN MAKE THOSE TRANSFERS YOURSELF YOU KNOW!!! Don't blame the patcher if you don't know how to do it yourself
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    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

    When the patch makers will make the patches it will. And I think it's kind of hard to have updated national teams because almost all teams change their rosters before every qualifying game.
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    complete european patch :)

    Afetr you import your national team in CM go to the leagues window and click international and then add the national team manually.
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    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

    Fifa 11 will be out soon
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    dude they've made the managers pack for previous Fifa series I'm just asking if there is such a pack avaliable for FIFA 10
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    best patch cmp

    Nothing special on this site if you ask me
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    FIFA 10 - All Nationalteams Collection

    You can make them yourself though