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    Arsenal vs Everton

    Faggot fc vs toffees! assnel gooners 0-2 toffees french faggot fc will get screwed!
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    how to play with the unlockables? for eg. blind the ref, how do u do that?
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    5 second freezing

    man i like this game, but whenever i am in the menu choosing options the game freezes for 5 secs and then it normal and then choose another option again 5 sec freez what the prob?
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    CM 5 is not as bad as it sounds!

    CM 5 is not as bad as it sounds! It is alright game and in my thoughts much better than fm2005! this game is atleast challenging and there is no bugs so far for me in this game! mind u i downloaded the patch!
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    Am i allowed to ask where can i find a no-cd patch?
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    Game Crashes

    I don't know what is happening. i play the season mode and then the players start flashing and then crash to the desktop. why? any1 knows? on the first day i bought it was fine.
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    Man utd Career Hack + Latest EPL update

    I have made a career hack that allows u to go to career mode and choose the team man utd from the english region and plus have made an updated epl db after the transfer window but how do i upload it?