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    Can someone re-raise the face master 14?

    If anyone has the link to the face master 14 that I can upload in this thread, I would appreciate it very much.
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    Can someone explain to me how to create a tournament in Creation Master 14? Because I've tried but I can't do anything. How do I configure my tournament? What I try to do is a tournament that is available in tournament mode and in career mode
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    Does anyone have the link to Face Master 1.4 or can someone explain to me how to use Face Master 15 with my FIFA 14?
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    FIFA 14 2021 All Stars League

    Excuse my English, I am using the Google translator, I am creating this patch that, as the title says, is a patch with an All Stars league. If I am creating a team from each league with the best players in the league, it will be optimized for the 2021 update of FIFA 14 from Judex Tv, a youtuber...