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    I go away for 3 years, I log back and I cant mod stuff anymore??!! :facepalm: Oh and hey. What happened to this place btw, did it loose its official "unofficial fifasite" stauts or something? Looks seriously dead :( edit: woah it's been like.. minutes already and not one single reply!! WHAT...
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    Eurovision voting scandal Thou shall not vote for Armenia (H)
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    Fm 2009: Patch 9.3.0

    Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.3.0 Updates Download, and don’t forget to read the Change list details of FM 2009 9.3 patch update. We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of thev 9.3.0 patch for both for PC Patch 9.30 and Mac Patch 9.3 , complete with an updated database...
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    Windows Vista: the least popular OS in history

    Once upon a time, Microsoft crowed that Windows Vista would be twice as popular as XP. Research firm Ovum, Ltd., predicted a more modest 15 percent switchover in the first year, but gushed that Vista would be “the fastest-moving operating system ever.” IDC forecast 10 percent, relatively anemic...
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    Player Guide FM 2009

    Thread for posting your best finds. You can post any player you have bought, so long as they have done well for you, but the more obscure players are preferred. We all know C. Ronaldo would be a good buy - you dont have to tell us! Keep posts to the following format if possible: Name...
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    Creative's new drivers ate my porn

    Creative's new drivers ate my porn DEAREST INQ scribes, Ed and everyone, So I decided to install the newest drivers update for my Creative X-Fi Extreme Music, that the company recently released. After a year or more waiting, new shiny drivers, imagine that. I can't say I didn't know what I...
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    Cup Problem

    So here's the deal.. I started a game with Celta a few months ago with 8.0.0 . play a few seasons, all fine. I install patch 8.0.1 Still fine. I play with the patced game 2 seasons. Then I decide it's time for a new challenge so I take control of Div2 Deportivo. Season starts, all good, every...
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    Seriously eaasy goin..

    hIXRgppi04M 733wle0LQtI (H) Game available over here Use at your own risk :p
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    8.0.1 patch is now available

    All links and info HERE (H)
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    Football Manager 2008 - Downloads

    Official Downloads Demo Official SI Demo Links Patches Patch 8.0.1 Patch 8.0.2 Rapidshare Link 8.0.2 -------------------------------------------------------- UnOfficial Downloads Graphical Updates Steklo 1.3 Skin Editors/Edits FM Modifier 2.2 for 8.0.0 FM Modifier 2.21 for 8.0.1 Real...
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    Colin McRae in helicopter crash - apparently dead

    Strathclyde police have confirmed that there are no survivors in the crash involving Colin McRae's helicopter but said the fatalities will not be formally identified today. According to reports, two people have been killed when the...
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    Far Cry

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    Far Cry. Full game.

    For free! (H) (H)
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    Game is officially released on the 23rd this month. tho i already know someone who has an original CD and a few more who have found alternative ways of laying hands on this game.... ;p Anyway. Anyone here whos given it a shot already or will be doing so?
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    Blu-Ray now also cracked

    Anti-DRM beats everyone down once again (H) Blu Ray cracked as well
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    F1 2007 : New Car Launches

    New Car Launches Toyota Jan-12 Drivers: R Schumacher - J Trulli Ferrari Jan-14 Drivers: F Massa - K Räikkönen McLaren-Mercedes Jan-15 Drivers: F Alonso - L Hamilton BMW Sauber Jan-16 Drivers: N Heidfeld - R Kubica Renault Jan-24 Drivers: G Fisichella - H...
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    Creative Zen Touch

    So.. ive been looking all day to find a good mp3 player and i've finaly come to decide i wanna buy this little baby. only problem is that i have no experience whatsoever from mp3 players, so mostly my decision is based on reviews and a few tips from a couple of friends. So i was wondering if...
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    Half Life 2 - Lost Coast

    Don't get too excited, TLC is not another expansion pack like the upcoming Aftermath. Rather, Valve are pushing the Source engine to the limit, and offering the player to walk around on an Island in the HL2 universe, a completely seamless world, with little story to it. This game will be about...