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    Win an XBOX 360 during the World Cup!

    With the grand prize an Xbox 360 and the World Cup game to boot - this exciting competition by Breamster ( will be broken down into three parts and will be carried out during the World Cup 2006! We have one sought-after Microsoft Xbox 360 console up for grabs, complete with...
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    Join the FIFA Manager 2007 team!

    LINK: The developers of the upcoming FIFA Manager 2007 game have contacted Breamster as they are searching for football researchers who are able to help collect data for UK leagues and teams. Stephen Morrison (aka fifamanageruk), is managing this data collection...
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    Bored of FIFA 06? - Then try this new Gameplay Patch!

    LINK: Are you bored of FIFA 06? Well, try the new and exciting gameplay patch by Billy1969 and you'll be playing the game more than ever! It boasts loads of features and render gameplay realistically! Those of you who were about and playing FIFA 2003 may recall how...
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    Breamster - The change has almost been completed!

    A new era - a new site! Breamster has had it's first major re-design since it was launched back in 2003! A new look and set of features is now at your disposal during every visit! What can only be described as the "News Desk", this design has seen us re-brand to simply "Breamster", hence...
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    Breamster - The change has almost been completed!

    The change has almost been completed! BreamTeam have been busy designing, coding and implementing every fine detail to our brand new web design! We are aiming to have this new site up in the NEXT FEW DAYS (!), so keep a close eye out for the "big launch"! Here is a sneak-peak into the...
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    Breamster News Reporter Application

    Over at we are looking for some news posters to join the team in preperation for the launch of our new site. We would like these people to concentrate mainly on stories regarding patches, downloads, latest info, etc for FIFA, PES, FIFA Manager and any other community news...
  7. B Roster Update for FIFA 06! - OUT NOW! roster maker MattB, has created an update to his recent Rosters Patch for FIFA 06. We are now on version 2.1 and this latest version includes "all" missing players and summer transfers as listed on the FIFA 06 Official Website, Forums and Soccergaming. It’s correct...
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    Where can I see all the Latest News?

    Two different approaches, i'm now looking at getting the webmasters involved more. And as you'll prolly know from being here since 2002, that SG is a very, very popular site, so no place better for asking peoples opinions and contribution with the project. I'm not trying to catch anyone...
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    Where can I see all the Latest News?

    How can it be self promotion?? - and your one to talk about post boosting... your comments are non-contructive rubbish. I've created something for "everyone" to use and enjoy out of my own free time. So from now on, you want everyone who is posting about there kit, face, patch, creations...
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    Where can I see all the Latest News?

    Not sure how to take the reply... But its the same thing as a "Download these Kits or Patch", really - it's community news and i felt people would want to share in this tool - it's been created free of charge for everyone, so im only really doing this to make people aware of it and start the...
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    FIFA Manager 06 Mods

    Could well be a hoax... "it updates the game like never before, match engine, more realism etc. all gets updated and better." - bit of a vague patch! :S
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    I had this problem with the Demo as well. Everyone was saying update to the latest gfx drivers (mines a geforce btw) - which was the obvious choice and which i did, but it still didnt work - missing text all over the place and totally un-playable. In the end i un-installed the latest...
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    Where can I see all the Latest News?

    Fed up of scanning through 50 or more bookmarked community sites everyday, waiting for them to load; to then find that only a handful have got any updated news? Not only will Feed Me Football allow you to see the latest news articles in a chronological order from “all” the community sites...
  14. B Roster Update for FIFA 06! - OUT NOW!

    In order to see the changes in the Manager Mode for the rosters you willl need to restart your career. If your not bothered with the changes for this option just yet and want to continue your career and instead see the changes in friendlies, tournaments and new careers then you can do :D
  15. B Roster Update for FIFA 06! - OUT NOW!

    The first version of the "ultimate" roster updates has arrived! Resident roster maker for, MattB has been working hard and created a new roster update for the most important transfers and player additions, which were missed by EA before the release! We have already seen some...
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    FIFA06 - Hands on!!!

    Can you put a Charlton and Tottenham lineup in please mate? Are there any new faces for these teams as well? Cheers Breamster
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    FIFA 06 News - Unique Screenshots

    Have been seen before unfortunately :( Great to see Vieira back against Arsenal :D
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    Creation Center 2005 v1.3.0.27 released!

    Check the news post three items down ;) Already posted yesterday :D
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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    They must have changed the rules where u have to finish in the top 3-7th spot without me knowing! Read my initial post properly - ull find what your looking for there then ;) why do west ham and palace fans always pick one game - must be coz they are only used to "cheering" one goal or...
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    Pede 54's Kit Thread III......The Saga Continues...

    Would like to see what your definition of ambition is? - the fact that we have bought in 9 players already, with that figure to rise - including the most exciting upcoming English striker - plus the extention of the Valley - nah we aint got no ambitions at all! lol Also would like to mention...