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    CM 01/02 problem, HELP!!!

    I have decided to dust off CM01/02 and give it another go. But i am having a real problem trying to get the updates install. I downloaded the package to upgrade CM to 3.9.68 and when i click to install it it runs ok but when it gets to the end, it starts to install Windows Journal Viewer or...
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    The Official 2005 AFL Discussion.

    Well this is it. Wizard Cup has begun last night in preperation for the AFL season. Thought i'd open a thread to talk about whats happening in the AFL throughout the season. Of course the Wizard Cup is just an excuse for trying out new rules and giving youngsters a go. But how does everyone...
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    Advert Anyone seen this advert they have in Australia advertising beer? i think its probably one of the best ive seen ;) altho the beer isnt the best. haha and the music really suits it i reckon. anyone got some other good...
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    Worst movie you have ever seen...

    Not sure if we've had such a thread in this forum, i had a look and couldnt see one, so excuse me if i'm wrong. But as far as the worst movie ive ever seen, i cant go past Solaris with George Clooney. Such a snoozefest.
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    CR4-1-3-1-1 tactic

    Here is my tactic. Ok so it looks familuar. But its still does well for me. Download here Try it out and write you thoughts?
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    Ladder 49

    Has anyone seen this one yet? I seen it tonight, its not a bad movie. Not my sorta thing, although the story did jump back and forth in time and its a real tear jerker. So fellas, if you take a woman with ya, back yourself up with plenty of tissues.
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    Anyone feel like being creative? (Add stuff to an image for a sig.)

    Well i have the image i want and its at the correct size, so if anyone wants to be creative and add a border or whatever, feel free. One request tho. add 'Gerrard #8' bottom right :) If its not too much trouble, i like it simple, not too cluttered. Thanks :)
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    Blade: Trinity.

    Has anyone seen this? I dont think its as good as the first 2 in terms of the story, and it does have a little less action, but my ****en word, its funnier than a hell of a lot of comedy's ive seen. I forget the dudes name, but its the one from 2 guys a girl and a pizza place. (Something Reynold...
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    I seen the previews for this movie when i went to see Oceans 12. Fair to say it looks pretty impressive. Jennifer Garner looks stunning as usual in it. Elektra
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    Does anyone have any pets?

    Well, my girlfriend got me a pet scorpion the other day. Fair to say it doesnt do all that much, unless you get a pen an aggrivate it :P
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    Major help required

    For some reason i am getting this error why trying to load the game. I know you all will probably say the game is lost, but i have built up a largely talented squad of joaquin, van der Vaart, Chivu, Bonera, Luque, Sneijder etc... So you understand how upset i'll be if i have to start a new game :(
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    Obey the mullet biatch! Check out this song. Listen to the lyrics. "I put my love rocket in your socket" :p Get it here or here
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    Windowed mode.

    How do you place the game on windowed mode? My desktop at the moment is 1024x768... But i get the error shown in the attachment when i uncheck the 'full screen' button in preferances. Any ideas?
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    How much alcohol can you handle?

    Well... how much alcohol can you handle? To be honest, on my day i can handle 8 cans of jim beam & coke, (375ml) which is 1.5 standard drinks. So i can handle 12 standard drinks.... How many standard drinks can you handle?
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    Goal Thread

    I thought i'd open up a thread for people to show off their goals. This one i have here is no cracker but it certainly is a keeper error :) Cisse goal 1.6mb
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    Michael Owen

    Its early days, but is his career going backwards since he joined Real Madrid?
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    Travel help required.

    Hey im going on a month long holiday in August/September. I just need some tips and advice of sorts, well here is the holiday as planned so far. Depart Sydney, Australia 23rd August Arrive Glasgow via London; 24th August Depart Glasgow 6th September Arrive Amsterdam via London 6th Sept...
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    1,000 post club.

    Well this is my 1,000th post. Such a terrific occasion for all to celebrate... I know i go unnoticed in these forums. Not to worry, i'll be around a long time yet... I think... :)
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    Murphy sig.... Alter it please?

    Since i dont have Photoshop or whatever, i cant do much with this pic in Paint, (Not that i have any graphic skills anyway ;) ) But i was wondering if anyone wanted to do something with the pic i have below, but the one feature i want on there is the score 'Man Utd 0-1 Liverpool'.... Im not...
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    Perform virtual surgery on a knee.... Interesting or not? I thought it was interesting, being able to understand the procedures involved in what actually goes behind replacing worn cartlidges..... :mrpimp: