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    WC Mode CMPs

    Thank you so much Raindog42 and Regularcat. I am trying to import this CMP patch using CMS and will let you know how this goes for me. Can I extract the World Cup popups and scoreboard as a CMP from the World Cup mod and post it here?
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    ..:: 2010 FIFA World Cup Game - Adding Mod Thread ::..

    Thank you so much. This is one of the best mods I've ever installed for FIFA 10. My World Cup experience has just been spiced up.
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    Indian Football Megapatch

    I haven't got my copy of FIFA 10 and don't want to start modding without it. I can help you by getting kits photos etc... and I think I already have a very updated India team .cmp file for FIFA 09 so you can add it here when I convert it for FIFA 10. Many teams have new kits this season. I...
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    Creation Master 10

    Thanks Rinaldo for all your tools and thanks Outsider 87 for creating this thread and posting links.(Y) Sadly, I think this may be the last year I can play FIFA as I may start a family soon and have hardly any time to play anymore, but I will surely try to put in a few hours for FIFA if...
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    ...::: Nazareno 09 :::... (No Request)

    Has the Liga Argentina patch been released?
  6. W Patches!

    Really Great Work!!! I love the stadium.
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    Asian Mega Patch 2009

    Hi Guys. South Africa is looking great with the Confederations Cup coming up. I was checking out this thread. I think the right approach would be to update the current leagues and create new ones. I think high priority updates should be Malaysian & Qatari Leagues which is already made but...
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    Asian Mega Patch 2009

    The FIFA Asia site is almost done, but I am going to South Africa and France this weekend and will be back next week.
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    AFC Champions League 2009 Patch

    You can select the Tournament from the Rest of the World Section undder tournaments.
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    wwwescape's Editing Thread

    Thanks I'll try adding to my kit...
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    wwwescape's Editing Thread

    By wwwescape Can someone please help me edit this graphic. Its looking 3d here and slants a bit. I need a flat 2d graphic of this with a white background. I dont need the text underneath the logo. This is the sponsor of Sporting club de goa.
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    .::::::CJD 17's THREAD::::::.

    Hey cjd17. I have tried almsot every one of your popups and I must say that they are improving with every release. Might I offer a suggestion. Could you make your popups based on the Cinematics Patch 09 which introduces a new intro popup, commentators, referre popups which you have missed in...
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    AFC Champions League 2009 Patch

    Here is the exe fix.;13814280;/fileinfo.html I am uploading to MegaUpload now too. EDIT: MegaUpload is giving me a few problems. So I uploaded to FileFactory EXE patch...
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    AFC Champions League 2009 Patch

    Is this the problem with the exe patch? I'll check this and reupload it soon.
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    .::::::CJD 17's THREAD::::::.

    I am trying to dowload the FCB TV POPUPS but the download link does not work.
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    .::::::CJD 17's THREAD::::::.

    Quality is looking great!!! I am going to download these tonight and play!!!
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    AFC Champions League 2009 Patch

    Ok I am leaving for home now from work. Will release the exe patch in about about 2 hours or so.
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    Tequila kits (Better late than never)

    Nice work on the kits TripleOpcion. I think you've missed the team logo and kit sponsor on the gk kit.
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    ...:::Memmiland a World of Kits:::...

    Great kits!!! Please do all kits of the Argentine 1st Division and 2nd Division. Also could you please do their FIFA 09 styled minis. Keep up the good work!!!
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    AFC Champions League 2009 Patch

    It's 10:30am here and I'm at work right now. I'll be home at 7:30pm. I'll pm you my email address and you can send the patch to me. As soon as I get home, I'll make the .exe patch, test it and send you the link to test it out. Then we can release it. Please check your pm.