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    Anyone have the North american version yet ??

    How's the gameplay and online this time around ? daz all gastons
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    Lost sound & commentary after 1.10 patch

    You got it. Anyone else have this happen? I tried decreasing soundcard accleration and that didn't work so i unistalled the game and reinstalled without patching and it's fine....pes08 is not up to par this year.
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    Anyone play pes08 online yet???

    And how is it?....Hope it's lag free this time around konami.
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    Played the Pc version and.....

    The gameplay still seems just a bit on the fast side, the keepers are much better and it's oh so tough now to defend as the AI is much better. I have noticed one bug where if you're losing in the last moments of the match, the CPU player just runs to a corner of the field and stands there...
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    A question about online in 08

    Will the north american version have a north american server or the same ole japanese server like the european version???
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    pre-ordering where?

    Where can we pre-order 08 for north america with the cheapest freight?
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    Does pes08 have ip this time around?

    Because i'm sick of playing on their laggy servers asti. ciao
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    Difference between the all white ball and the others

    Question is, does anyone know which file is the WHITE ball in we2007 because there is a notable difference in gameplay with it and i'd like to replace all the balls with this one so as to have it for online play with a buddy o mine?
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    Konami servers in North America

    Does anyone know if konami HAS setup a server for online play in north america or are we stuck playing from chink land and get the usual lag????
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    Online is terrible but great in NHL07

    Just proves Fifa's development team is the s hits. Let the nhl guys do it for you and we'll end this lag stuff forever. How can a game as fast as nhl not lag while a slower paced game like fifa lag this much playing IP...come on EA do some cleanup in your DEV teams.
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    shaking or blurry effects !!!

    Doesn't anyone have the horrible shaking camera or blurry effect goin on while they play? to get rid of it asti?
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    My pc reboots with vsync on.

    The blurry effect everyone is talking about dissappears with Vsync on except my pc reboots during a match with demo raptor. i have a radeon 9800pro and have no problems running the game on high graphics settings. I'm using the lates Omega drivers and Nhl does the same thing. Anyone know...
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    Love the game but what's with the cartoon graphics from EA!!!

    Why has EA gone with Cartoon graphics on their sports series? Just try a game of fifa07 and then switch over to WE9, the graphics seem much CLEANER looking and don't hurt my eyes as much. Everything in fifa seems blurry compared to the konami series. Man if EA had sharp graphics like Konami...
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    The blurry screen effect again !!!

    How can we get rid of that blurry screen effect again? mine runs fine at 1280 x 1024....actually great but the screen shakes and get blurry on long balls.
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    Black uniforms in Kit Server 5.2 - WE9:LEK

    Black uniforms in Kit Server 5.2 - WE9:LEK Can someone help me clear up a number of black kits I keep getting in WE9:LEK? I have applied 5.1.4 Kitserver but it's still giving me numerous black kits (French Ligue, Germany, etc). Cheers
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    Black uniforms in Kit Server 514 - WE9:LEK

    Can someone help me clear up a number of black kits I keep getting in WE9:LEK? I have applied 5.1.4 Kitserver but it's still giving me numerous black kits (French Ligue, Germany, etc). Cheers
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    Frenkie, with all these awesome goals...

    ...I have to ask. What is your formation of choice in WE9:LE? And what level of difficulty do you play on? Thanks! :ewan:
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    WE9 liveware evolution.

    Anyone in North america playing it, and how is it?? any links for a demo ????
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    Time extension patch for online play.

    Can anyone make a time extension patch for online play for WE8 or does someone have one or know how to do it. Would i have to hex edit the exe? gracias