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    International Chants pack by Brunoloko re-upload?

    Hi. Does anybody have International Chants pack made by Brunoloko? Please re-upload.
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    bruno167 editing thread

    Welcome to my thread. Here I will post my edits of FIFA 12 game. I will mainly working in chants, but i will also make some conversions from others games (PES flags, FM minifaces etc. Enjoy.(Y) INDEX Chants Flags
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    To all keyboard gamers: the solution for make tricks with LSHIFT + Arrows

    Hi All. Thanks to the fanstastic work from luikang from the EA Forums is now possible to make tricks in FIFA12 like in old games (LSHIFT + Arrows). How it works? luikang made an autohotkey script which maps the LSHIFT + Arrows combinations) to the "Pace control" + "Numpad" controls so...
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    bruno167 Editing Thread

    Hi guys. Welcome to my thread. Here i will post my creations and conversions for FIFA 11. Index
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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    Hi. I decided to create a thread where the editors can share their experiments and thoughts about the new FIFA file system. Please if some mod can make this sticky i think it would be useful. I have take a look and everything seems different but we still have .big...
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    FIFA 11 Forum?

    When we will have the new forum? Fifa 11 is a start of a new era and the demo is coming next week. The new forum should be ready before the demo comes out so we can start exploring FIFA 11 together.
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    Europe Total Football Patch & FM Converted Teams Thread. Collbaborators needed!

    Some of you had probably saw it but i made a tool for converting players from FM to Fifa. Check my thread here: This thread will be used for everyone to post their conversion teams and leagues and to get resources like kits,logos etc...
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    FM to FIFA player converter released!

    I am proud to announce the release of my first tool for a FIFA game. It´s Football Manager to Fifa 10 converter. With this tool you can easily convert the roster from any FM team into fifa format. For using this tool you will need: -FM2010 game or the team text files exported from it...
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    Game dont read new zdata file

    Hi. I have imported tons of faces, balls etc into new zdata but the game cant see them. (they appear in CM correctly and the files are there). I have tried 3 different regenerators without luck. Also the FAT rebuilder from Fifa4fans keep trying to rebuild zdata_51.big which doesnt exist...
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    Bruno167 Conversions and Creations Thread

    Welcome to my thread. Here i will post my creations and conversions for Fifa10. I plan to make a huge conversion of FM Logos and Minikits for all the leagues and also top quality PES flags. I might also release some chants updates/ packs for small leagues. If you want top quality chants...
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    Pes2010 stadiums in Fifa

    Check this: Maybe this year we can convert PES2010 stadiums, probably not the original stadiums but the user made stadiums will probably be convertable. With this tool and with Sido´s tool i expect lots of stadiums this year.:33vff3o:
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    Stadium looks different in carreer mode

    Hi. I recently started a new carreer and i have a problem with my stadium. In single mode he appears correctly but in carreer mode he appears with a black pitch. I have double checked and the stadium is the same. How is this possible?
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    Portuguese stadiums converted from PES - Stadium masters help needed

    I have find a great patch with Portuguese stadiums for PES6 and i manage to convert most of them. But they don´t have crowd, floodlights, adboards and flags. If there is any stadium maker willing to help adding this things i would be gratefull. I can send you the stadium files. There are...
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    Config.dat and ini.big EA patch#2

    Hi. Can someone upload the config.dat and ini.big from EA´s patch #2? Thanks in advance.
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    Problem with imported fifa08 kits

    Hi. I have imported Ukraine League patch from Fifa08 and now all the kits from the league appears like this: Any solution for this problem?
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    Fifa09 faces preview?

    Anyone can make an Fifa 09 faces preview like in Fifa07 and Fifa08 so we can have a better idea of which model choose to make a face?
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    First touch problem

    Hi. Each time i try to make a first touch pass to a player, the players allways made an 1-2 pass. I don´t want that. I want that the player who receives the ball make a first touch pass to another player and not to send the ball again to the player who have passed him the ball. Any...
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    Fifa Download Center website.Anyone interested?

    Hi guys. Is anybody interested in having a download center for fifa 09 like for example Pes faces website? It would make much easier to search for fifa files if we have a good download center site. I can create the site but it has to be interest in the community to put the files there. The idea...
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    bruno167 Editing thread - Minikits,Logos,Chants and more

    Here i will post my creations for fifa09:innocent_smile_1: ALL my creations and conversions can be freely used by everyone in any patch. Index Chants England:;12154894;/fileinfo.html...
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    My Fifa Creations and Convertions

    Hi to everyone. In this thread i will post my creations for Fifa07/Fifa08. ALL my creations and conversions can be freely used by everyone in any patch. Index Chants England;11343477;/fileinfo.html...