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    UEFA CL - X360 - Easy way to win credits

    Hi there. Sure that most of you are wasting credits on ultimate mode, and you need some defender, or this midfield, etc...but, no lucky on golden packs, and buying on LIVE sometimes is too much expensive (if you want Ronaldinho, Adriano, etc...), and you want to keep a bit of money for...
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    FIFA 07 Freezes - Dashboard problems

    I dont know if is in the whole world, but almost in Europe there´s a lot of problems with FIFA 07 and the last update of the 360 dashboard from Microsoft. Some of you may be, have notice about that if you are connected in LIVE and you start FIFA 07, then pass around 10 secs, and...
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    Xbox 360 Dashboard update!! 1080p!!!

    Great news from the 360 Beginning the morning of Tuesday October 31, owners of the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft™ will be able to download a free system update that will provide more than 85 new features and enhancements, including support for native 1080p games...
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    Xbox 360 Fifa 07 Create A Player

    This section goes for to put CAP´s here. If your favourite player does not look as you want, and you had created it with the editor, please, post here with the player name, values, etc.... a pic of each created player will be helpfull. Take care neovico The Mind
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    Xbox 360 Online FIFA 07 Tournaments and Meetings

    As the topic says, this post is for to put Tournaments and Meetings. If someone wants to organize a dayly, weekend Tournament, Meeting, etc, please leave here all the data about it, zone, date, hour, etc... Take care neovico The Mind
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    Xbox 360 Tags

    As the topic says, this thread is for to leave your tag here. My tag: neovico Take care neovico The Mind
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    FIFA 07 X360 is simply IMPRESSIVE-Review

    Well, finally i get my copy today of this wonderful game. Being always a pes series fan, i really never care about the latest fifa´s, but now, and more on the 360, with the fail of Konami in his attempt on this console, i downloaded the demo and i said, pffff....really impressive, if they can...
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    FIFA WORLD CUP 2006...PC and PS2 version

    Hi There... There´s things that i will never understand. Please, say me if im in a mistake but, after see some magazine and internet images from the ps2 version, it results that this version has Field Of View....and not the pc version?? So, the graphics on ps2 are very poor compared to the pc...
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    REQUEST: PES 5 Update for WORLD CUP

    Hi There. Each 4 years, guys from EA make his World Cup "game"...a remix from the last fifa series game. So, i ask myself why Konami dont make the same, i mean, not a completly remix game like EA, i mean a kind of special update from Konami with ALL the Germany World Cup Stadiums, ALL the new...
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    Neovico Faces & more

    Hi there to all. Well, again on the road, making faces and more stuff for this new version of PES. The first face, SAMUEL ETO´O ( not a Barça fan...hehehehe..isnt??). Hope you like. Take care neovico The Mind
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    R.Madrid - F.C.Barcelona

    The great classic is aproching, with the great Barça moment and play of Ronaldinho and Messi, and a Madrid in low form, without Ronaldo (that nodoby knows if he will arrives ok for the classic) and company, but who grows itself in the Bernabeu with his audience...keeping in mind this...
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    Hi All Well, this is only a declaration of principles that i guess that all the comunitty and overall facemakers must to keep in mind. There´s a lot of people making faces, ones have more experience others are just started. But im dissapointed how in some cases people from the same comunitty...
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    PES 4 - FACES by neovico

    PES 4 - SuperFaces Pack Vol.1 Ready for download at Enjoy!!! Hi All Well, after Wolf and Juce fever (great work guys) is time to Faces again. After a long time waiting the pc version, we can edit them. Until the next PES version, i will do all the faces that i can...
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    PES 4 - List of Faces and Kits

    Hi all Here the list of the faces and kits numbers and for who player teams belongs. Hope useful FACES W001------------------------>Claudio Lopez W002------------------------>Kily Gonzalez W003------------------------>Crespo W004------------------------>Aimar...
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    Riazor Stadium for PES3...coming soon

    Hi All Most of you guys know that i made a model of the Deportivo de la Coruña stadium in 3DstudioMax. Infront of that was very difficult to edit the shapes in PES3 and create a perfect model..., i changed totally one of the PES3 stadiums, using a lot of textures, and alpha stuff . As a...
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    Hyper Faces Pack 2

    Hi All Well, after a long time without to make faces, finally the second pack of Hyper Faces is done. This time is a special edition, containing the last players added to F.C.Barcelona, and some more. There are 10 new totally retextured players for you PES3 Ronaldinho, Eto´o, Larsson...
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    PES3 Awesome and New Faces, coming soon at SoccerAccess

    Hi All Long time without put anything here, but i have great news. After a monhts of lot of work, finally we have 34 new awesome faces for the moment, some of them retextured, others totally new faces. The List of Players are: F.C.Barcelona: Kluivert, Overmars, Ronaldinho, Victor Valdes...
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    Hi All All the people had demands the Quaresma face a lot of times, and i decided to make it, first because i like a lot this player, is one of the best young promises of F.C.Barcelona, and second cause due the requests of this face in this forum. This is the early pic from Oedit, comment...
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    One of the best players of the spanish league, playing in Betis, and in the national team, Joaquin deserves a better face that the EA´s default face. Lot of retouchments on model and texture for to achieve this awesome face that will be very soon ready for download at
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    Hi All Meanwhile im finishing the Reyes face, i noticed that nobody had done an update of the Ronaldinho face, who personally, i dont like the EA´s version. I took as reference a more real and relaxed face of Ronaldinho to make this model, based on the ea´s headshape. It´s totally remade...