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    Adding Instead Of Replacing A New Stadium

    I don't know if anybody else noticed that, but, here you go, in case someone really needs it. :) This couple of weeks I've been tested new stadiums for FIFA 13 and I've noticed an interesting fact. If you don't choose a "clear" weather, the new stadium added will look quite good in the game...
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    Scouts Without Last Names

    Does anybody else experienced this bug before? Is there any solution for it? This only happens for scouts from the country I'm managing. In this example I was managing Astra (a Romanian Liga I team).
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    Astristul's Backgrounds

    Hello everyone. I present to you my first patch on SG. A background patch for the Serie A team, SS Lazio. You have the install notes in the read me file and here are some previews of it. DOWNLOAD LINK If you have any requests, please post them here. Enjoy! :jap:
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    Team Importing

    Hello guys. I have a problem. I'm using a patch for the Romanian League, but the respective patch deletes River Plate and Boca Juniors. I can recreate the teams, because the graphic elements are still in the game and those teams aren't replaced by another ones. The problem is their rosters. That...