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    2016 Copa América Centenario

    Road To The Copa The Copa América Centenario, referred to in English as the 2016 Centennial Copa America, is a scheduled international men's association football tournament due to be held in the United States in 2016. The competition is a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa...
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    FIFA About To Go Down

    I knew it would be a matter of time before the USA takes down this corrupt organization and I'm glad to see the rest of the world getting involved.
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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch FEATURES 207 National teams that you can use in friendly or custom tournament mode. Road To The World Cup Tournament: Full UEFA Qualifying Full Conmebol Qualifying Concacaf Qualifying – 1st qualification rd is excluded, you start in the 2nd rd of...
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    Is the Dutch speed skating coach right about American athletes?

    The only place I talk with people from other countries is on SG but before that it was well understood that people from around the world don't care much for us Americans and our attitudes towards basically everything. So the Dutch speed skating coach went off on America yesterday and seemed...
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    Creating New Leagues With New Ids

    So I have been messing with this and have used the J league with J league tournament (It looks as though you need to have a league tournament but still not sure on this) data I have to successfully make it through 4 seasons without crash using ID 81 and I even got sacked 1 year and transferred...
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    Just wanted to make one thread for all questions concerning editing FIFA 14 tournaments and leagues. Im really interested in what EA will do with a World Cup game on the pc which would be a first if they make it. I noticed in the loc the world cup entry's are now using the licensed name and...
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    There is a new Pope?

    Does anyone actually care? Just curious.
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    FIFA Road to the World Cup 2014 Released

    RTWC 2014 Expansion Patch Features - All 204 national teams that took part in 2014 World Cup Qualifying and the next tournaments: AFC/CONCACAF/OFC/CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying to Finals – AFC, OFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, UEFA Playoffs, CAF final 10 Playoffs, AFC 5th place Playoff...
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    How would you feel about gay teammates in your locker room?

    So in case anyone isn't aware Chris Culliver is a cornerback for the San Francisco 49'ers and he's taking serious heat because he made some anti-gay comments yesterday on a radio show, if you aren't aware of the story I posted a link below...
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    Schuck Daddys Chant Emporium

    I just wanted to put this in the 13 thread as I will also update chants as the year goes on, just makes it easier for those who didn't know about the thread from last year. UPDATE LOW VOLUME FIX FOR FIFA 13 FIFA 13 seems to have more background noise or the chants don't play as loud so after...
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    FIFA 13 League & Structure Info

    I wanted to make a thread where people can post thoughts on the structure. I have exported and decompressed files from the full FIFA 13 and its the same as last year. Editing leagues and tournaments will be a pain because the dlc folder is back with the compdata tables. The thing that's...
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    Im calling out the idiots that neg repped me 19 times

    So Im usually on the editing boards but we hear from mods here and there that we should come to the players lounge because its losing traffic, well I wonder why. Yesterday I replied in the "Yo Mamma" thread and I wrote that the Yo Mamma jokes I read were not that funny but I wasn't...
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    Cant get waving pole flags to show ingame

    Not sure what the deal is but whether its a team from my added league or a EPL team i cannot get mini flags to show in game. Banners show correctly so not sure what the problem may be. Please help
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    FIFA America's Released 7/5

    So this is a combination of the best CONMEBOl Teams and the CONCACAF patch I released earlier this year but with many more tournaments and graphics added. I wanted to have South American tournaments with the full leagues but FIFA has limits and I hit them so I created a patch where you can play...
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    CONCACAF Superliga Patch

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    Schuck Daddy Chant Emporium

    This page is no longer being updated, click on the link below to go to the FIFA 13 chant thread. The chants for FIFA 12 and 13 are the same and I only have time to update and respond to one thread. Thanks FIFA 13 CHANT THREAD.
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    International Manager Mode Patch

    In this patch we have removed all FIFA club leagues except Serie A, Bund, EPL, La Liga, and Ligue 1 and the Champions League and Europa League are now the World Cup Finals and Confederations Cup. You will be able to take any National Team and progress through the real International regional and...
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    CONCACAF Superleague

    CONCACAF Superliga with Champions League V1.2 Download Link Installation 1. Load CONCACAF Superliga cmp in CM. 2. Install cmp, the cmp has been tested on edited databases and fresh installs with 1.01 patch installed and its clean. If boots...