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  1. pollard7545

    Problem with official

    My sideline official is missing his textures. How can I get them back? It's only when i'm using USA teams when it's missing.
  2. pollard7545

    MLS Database Request

    Does anyone have the MLS database for this year or last year? Thank you in advance!
  3. pollard7545

    Major League Soccer History Patch

    I'm announcing my newest project, Major League Soccer history! Each of the seasons of MLS will be released here. Working on 1996 this space
  4. pollard7545

    Help...looking for CMP files

    Does anyone have the updated Barclay Premier League, English Football League Championship, English League One and League Two rosters on CMP? Thanks in advance.
  5. pollard7545

    Canadian Premier League Patch Release

    Coming soon the first season of the Canadian Premier League [CPL] 2019......big thanks to Goldmonk for creating some of the kits for this project...the teams pictured are as follows: Cavalry FC [Calgary, Alberta] FC Edmonton [Edmonton, Alberta] Forge FC [Hamilton, Ontario] HFX Wanderers...
  6. pollard7545

    Two Fantasy MLS Kits

  7. pollard7545

    North American Soccer League History [1967-84] Patch Release

    I'm going to use this page to release my patches for the Classic North American Soccer League NASL 60's: The Beginnings [1967-1969]