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  1. MolchatDoma27

    How to edit the soundtrack and chants in the game? Help!

    I just saw that in the most recent version of FET (1.1.1) it is possible to edit the team chants and also the soundtrack of the game Does anyone know exactly how to do it or is there a tutorial for such a modification? Thanks.
  2. MolchatDoma27

    FIFA Face Converter by Panchiko (FIFA 16)

    In this thread I will upload faces from FIFA 16 that I have managed to convert with the support of some members of the forum and also with the support of people who are willing to support the FIFA 16 community. The faces are converted with the Tokke tool and mostly from FIFA 22, so some textures...
  3. MolchatDoma27

    (Help) How do I put the uniform color of a created team on the scoreboard?

    Hi people, I have a question, I hope you can support me. I have just created the Albania team with uniforms, flags and banners. I replaced a team in the Irish League and moved it to the International section. I had no problem with that. Only when the team name appears on the scoreboard, the...