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    Stadiums Related Questions and Answers Thread

    Does anyone know how to get rid off or override the Long Board 1 1024x128, Short Board 1 512x256 and Square 1 256x256? I have them when I play at the Molineux Stadium for example. They appear in different stadiums as well, I play with the 2010/11 mod and added the stadiums by myself. But they...
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    The US Project

    Hello master! Great work on this mod! I'm late to this idea and unfortunetly the database file is not downloadable no more, could you please upload a new database file, with your current process, I would really appreciate that! Thank you very much
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    Back in Time [FIFA 16 to FIFA 11]

    Hello master, thank you for the great work on this patch. The black face issue is coming from the fact that you have only imported the first face file as a png and not the whole Rx3 file, because than it would also have the image n. 2/2 in it and the black faces should disappear. I wish I would...
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    Lagwagon's Big Face Pack

    Yeah thats the problem
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    Lagwagon's Big Face Pack

    Hello, can anybody maybe reupload Lagwagon's big face pack or upload his or her whole faces as a pack? I had to reinstall my game but unfortunetly the link to his big facepack is down. :( This is the message I quote: As promised, here I'd like to share the bank of faces I have in my game...
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    This is one of my works.

    Has somebody got the links for the works he released so far? I could not download anything yet! :(
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    FIFA 23 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)

    I previuosly used the latest All in One Moddingway Mod from 2018, and I overwrote everything with the 2020/21 material, and edited everything in Creation Master, but in game there are still wrong kit number colours or wrong kit colars. They are likely from the 2018 kits. How can I fix this...
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    Prodigy's Tattoo Shop

    Hello everyone! I made a small tattoo pack for myself, it might not be useful for most of you, but if you still play with the original database of FIFA 16 (2015/16 season) you might find this useful! I still enjoy a good old road to glory career mode and as many players from League Two weren't...
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    FloroMarlboro conversions [SUSPENDED]

    My bad! Thank you very much!
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    FloroMarlboro conversions [SUSPENDED]

    Thanks for this pack! John Egan, Enda Stevens and John Fleck are still not converted! Would you please consider them?
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    FIFA 21-to-16 Faces

    John Egan, Enda Stevens and John Fleck are still not converted if I am not mistaken! They would be useful additions in my opinion!
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    Figeroo Faces

    Can anyone please share the face of Kasey Palmer?
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    FIFA 21-to-16 Faces

    Ben White, Che Adams and Ollie Watkins are 3 faces that I would really appreciate. Maybe we could join together and give lagwagon some money to make these 3! ;)
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    FIFA 21-to-16 Faces

    I think this is a massive contribution! Thank you very much!
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    FIFA 21-to-16 Faces

    Thank you so much! I love it and I am so glad that you stick with us master! :)
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    fernhold2k's Stadiums

    Fantastic! Can't wait for this stadium to be released!
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    Faces FIFA 16

    It would be sick to have more updated versions of players with neck tattoos like Patrick Van Aanholt or Nathaniel Clyne for example
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Could anybody pls share the files of Hampden Park with me? Would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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    Twich's Stadiums

    Hey, the link for the New Douglas Park of Hamilton is down! Could somebody pls upload a new link for that stadium or send the files to me pls! Would be much appreciated! Thank you!
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    FIFA 16 All National Teams Patch 2018 PC

    But Guadeloupe is important imo. They have some good players! Pls at least at them that would be nice! Thank you master great work!