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    Jgp 16

    JGP 16 GAMEPLAY & GRAPHIC MODS Welcome to jeet's customized game enhancements for EA SPORTS FIFA 16 (play the most addictive football simulation on the planet :D ) 17 SEASON MODS 17 SEASON PREMIER LEAGUE GRAPHIC MOD 17 SEASON LA LIGA GRAPHIC MOD...
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    Pitch Color Query

    i wanted to ask about pitchcolors 1,2,3,4,5 what do they mean? 1 for day & 3 for i right? but i want to know i'm editing colors.. thanks for any help :)
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    Jgp 15

    Jeetmusic Presents Jeet's GAMEPLAY + GRAPHICS PATCH 15 v 11.9 beta 6 update 9 REAL LIGHT VERSION RELEASED...
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    Can Someone Share The LUA Files?

    i'm having problem reading properly in if someone can share i'll be highly obliged..thank you.:)
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    E0001 Error

    hi friends...recently i reformatted my pc and now fifa 14 does not work for me...its goving eooo1 error..could anyone tell me what is the solution to this problem?...unchecking vsync or setting fifaconfig.cfg to read-only does not work for me...please tell me other solutions...thank you...:)
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    Adding Faces To The Demo

    hi...friends, i have the demo installed with moddingway v 2.5 now the only thing missing in this game are the faces,,,i want to know how to add faces to the demo game?...thanks....:)
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    i68 Regenerator Question...

    will this work with fifa14 demo???
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    Convert Generic To Specific Face Using DBM

    what field do i have to change? also can someone give me a working link of dbm...becoz when i download dbm 14 from rinaldo's displays..Setup files are corrupted...please obtain a new version of the preogram..thanks beforehand for any help...
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    Thomas Muller Face...

    i have installed moddingway patch 2.5 that contains cr7 face... i want to add more custom faces to the game... . for this i n installed 13 to 14head converter. .converted thomas muller head.. from 13... also i added appropriate files in sceneassets folder... i added the bump file and...
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    Black Pitch

    hi friends...i installed moddingway patch 2.0 to the demo game that includes additional stadiums...but in all the stadiums all i get is a black pitch...what should i do to rectify IT??? pre- thanks for your help..:)
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    [DOWNLOAD] Jeet's Graphics Package

    jeetmusic presents THE SPECIAL EDITION OF NEXTGEN GRAPHICS + GAMEPLAY ! REALITY IS HERE! get real players playing in a real football simulator! features:- NG pitch v 21. Human Gameplay v4! lifelike player body v3! real game engine! console kit parameter values added! added nextgen pitchcolor...
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    Jeet's RNA & ENB Downloads

    (1)---Here's ENBSERIES for fifa 13.. enbseries v 1.60: enbseries v 1.63: enbseries v1.71 : enbseries v 1.82...
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    Play demo without origin..

    can't we play the fifa13 demo without origin installed and without loggin in to origin????
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    friends, here i am posting my version of rna conaining new gameplay for fifa it is: final version..rna v1.66: enbseries v 1.54: partial update rna v 1.64...
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    cm12 error

    with cm12 i am getting error ` says..fifa 12 cannot be detected.;..or is not installeed properly..anyone knows how to fix this problem??....thanks..:)
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    original pitchcolor files

    i've been using onsche's patch for a few i want to go back to original pitchcolor..can someone post the original pitchcolor files?....thanks in advance..
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    regenerator 1.0

    friends..i just tried regenerator 1.5 but its not working for me.. could someone upload regeneratr 1.0 the old version?.... my laptop crash and i lost it......thanks
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    match graphics patch?

    as you'll fifa 10....we had the outstanding match graphics patch by question it possible to do the same in fifa 11?...thanks for any replies and regards to the community.
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    where are the lighting files?

    i wanna know where are the turf lighting files ?...can they be edited like in fifa10?