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    Restoring default backgrounds, faces and sponsors

    Hello! I have recently installed the russian league patch 2008, but seeing that it has installed new backgrounds, and changed the interface language from english to russian, I decided to get rid of it by reinstalling fifa. Now theoretically, everything should be gone, back to normal right...
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    Direct IP Player Controls

    Hello! A friend and I have some issues regarding controls when we're against each other in Direct IP games. It seems that he cannot use the 'new' control configuration, only the classic, and that his desired level of auto player switching isn't retained, regardless of who is hosting the game...
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    FIFA 08 Music Extractor

    Any news on a music extractor? :)
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    Youth Academy Player Nationality

    Hello all :) First of all, let me get this clear, I am not a racist ><. I'm just really curious as to why all of my players for a long long time have been from Austria (im in season 2012/13 right now) . My stab in the dark is that since I play in the Australian A-League, EA forgot to change the...
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    Question on player loans

    If you sign a player on loan, do you have the option to sign him permanently? or even extend his loan deal?