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    Fede - Kits Shop

    welcome back Fede~!!! i love your kits forever.
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    New Real HD Grass By ME10SSI ((( Very New )))

    awesome..where i can downlaods this...very nice man~!!!
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    Untucked Shirts

    kind of u~ thx a lot~^^
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    Untucked Shirts

    So fantastic.. um.. Can I see the middle chest numbering at the same time?? Or...only see the right chest numbering... change all team that number? or only Adidas, puma kits team's change??
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    Leopar Gloves & Ball

    plz hurry upload Fingersave~ so great man~!
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    [NEW]Clementzuzu untucked shirt patch

    hi..where can i get this manchester kits? I know this kit made by another patch maker. but I love this colour.. so I hope that get this kits.. plz send me this kits file mate..plz..? here: [email protected] thx..^^
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    aNuKe's face thread

    hi~ your face so cooool~ mate.. when u can upload ronaldo 2.0 file? plz hurry mate~
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    PkBomb Next Gen Kits

    Hi PKbomb~ Always it's awsome... ah..Could i get the texture that used fifa08. I find your template. but can't find. plz send me..? [email protected] plz.. thx..mate.^^
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    SaNtOpUz Face Thread(FIFA 09 Faces)

    oh..when u upload Arschavin face.. hurry plz~^^
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    New FIFA 09 screenshots: now the graphics are at their 100%

    so sorry do not see upkits outside..
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Manchester 0708 Full kits Manchester 0708 Full kits Chams Chams Final in Moscow
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Manchester 0708 Full kits Manchester 0708 Full kits League
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    〓〓〓 Fifa08 Kits Shop〓〓〓

    long time no see daver. nice kits always..
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Chelsea 0608 Home Chelsea 0608 Home
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    Face by ViERi

    Hi..mate..look so cooool~ I'm wating your Ballck face.. Could u upload and link? plz..^^
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Manchester United Manchester United 0708season Kits
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Preview Chelsea and Man UTD Coming Sooooooon~~:)
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    ∴∴∴[Kuma] Kits∴∴∴

    Long time no see. mates. nobody remember me.:mrpimp: my first FIFA08 Kits. Korea 0810 new kits and fonts. Install - Kits and Fonts: use CM08 editor of course it is possible using Kit raptor when you install the only kits. After installing, please operate fatbuilder. - You have...