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    crabshank's mods

    Hi. Please, I know it's not the forum, but I would really appreciate it if I can get the "Disable_blur__Deregionalise_lighting.fifamod" file for fifa 21, or at least how I can get it. Thanks.
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    Supernova's Gameplay

    I like this patch. Ball physics is ok but how do i reduce the speed of the game?? Its too fast.
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    Well i think as the images show, his you probably need to work on his eyes, and the effects on his face maybe should be realistic. But overall, good job!
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    Miketheslummy's Ideas Gameplay Mod

    Hey guys, nice work. please im new to the concept of using db master to import the match intensity table. i need help on that. Thanks.
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Please release lazar markovic
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Release lazar it's perfect
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    Guarin_91's Work

    Where is guarin
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    Mr.89's Faces

    I thought you would have released your faces by now since you no longer release them in face packs
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    WC 14 Mega Face Pack Project

    Seriously dude the world cup was over for some time and all I can see are previews and pictures. If I may ask what is the use of seeing faces that you won't get to have for a while
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    simo's '14 Faces

    just cant believe what i am seeing. short of words.
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    Guarin_91's Work

    nice face but i would also love it if you could make younger players who would last longer and go a long way in career mode since you are precise with your work
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Great deulofeu but remember that u have alot of faces that u have made but not released like moreno
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    WC 14 Mega Face Pack Project

    Or if there are two versions of one face, then just release them both. Thanks
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    WC 14 Mega Face Pack Project

    Please dont forget to release your version of lallana @ledatcr2
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    FV.Bart's FIFA 14 Faces

    nice vargas but hoping the accuracy with fede can be improved to make him similar
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    aeh1991's Face Thread 2014

    would have preferred if you did unmades but that barnetta if too perfect
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    DizzeeSpellz '14 Face Archive

    God bless you dude!
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    DizzeeSpellz '14 Face Archive

    Thanks for the pack but i'm finding it difficult to use zippyshare